Disney Magic Kingdom Nail Art

This week I decided to share my Magic Kingdom design with you guys! It’s one of my favorite designs because it’s just so magical and represents one of my favorite places to be. Have you ever been to Disney World? What’s your favorite park?


  • Peripera BL602
  • China Glaze Lorelei’s Tiara


  1. I know what year you made a certain video because of the camera quality. Bad quality is probably 2005 or something and a non-blurry perfect cam would probably be 2014-2015.

  2. Any tips on where I can find a glitter polish thats totally rammed with glitter? The ones i have doesnt leave such a nice glitter coverage as yours does, sadly.

  3. OMG im in love even though ive NEVER been to Disney World in stil loving the glitter and the castle thx for all ur video's and i would like to request a video maybe u could do a toe nail design like bows on them thx again xx

  4. Im going to wear that to disneyland paris omg thats so cute ?

  5. LOVE the design!! Didn't think that was so EASY!!! I'd LOVE to know what brand and colour name she used for the light blue and the glitter!! I LOVE that glitter!

  6. I wore these when I went to Disney Land! It's a wonderful design 🙂

  7. Totally wearing these to Disney World ! 😀 🙂

  8. I'm going to disney land in a few months, so this will be perfect for when i go!

  9. i dont know why the people at disney world wont let us go in the castle

  10. what happened to the quality i have it in HD?

  11. I love,love,love disney that I love all 4 theme parks!!!

  12. Yay I'm glad I found this! I'm going to Disney world on Wednesday and I wanted to have a really cute disney theme!!!

  13. This is so helpful! Thank you for sharing. I'll have to try it out when I go!

  14. Disney WORLD is in Florida.
    Disney LAND is in California (and other worldwide locations, but I live in VA, U.S.A.)
    Don't get confused guys, we know it is confusing!!

  15. I wish I could find a way to do the Paris castle-it's Sleeping Beauty's castle there. I'd love to learn how to do that as I am possibly going to Disneyland Paris in September! Would be cool to match nail art, makeup and outfit for a fully magical look!


  17. Thank you for the video, I love you very much. how you can remove these nails have grown. 
    and in general I want to talk with you there on twitter, but personally. 
    love you <3

  18. i love this! you are so brilliant and so creative! 

  19. OMG 


  20. Love this tutorial! I will try it, thanks cutepolish

  21. Sooo awesome……. if u get it right lol

  22. ive been there before! i went wen i was 4

  23. she makes it look soooo easy!

  24. I've been to Disneyland a lot and I never painted nails for them. I'll see if I can try this!

  25. I'm going to Magic kingdom on May 7!!! I will use that design for my nails!(Brittany)


  27. March break nails please? Need for back to school

  28. Love Disney! Its clever how you did this, great video!

  29. Can you different disney movie nail tutorials??

  30. Beautiful! You make it look so easy! When I try to do it, it'll probably be an epic fail lol

  31. There still isn't anything on the Disneystyle channel.

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