Disney Mickey Mouse Nail Art

Disney Mickey Mouse nail art design tutorial! Use your nail polish to DIY this magical nail art design that’s perfect for the Disney theme parks! This nail design has elements from both Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse! Who is your favourite Disney character?

Thank you so much for watching! Love you guys ❤


  1. And I like it and then they have so do to the

  2. i love all your nail art show because I get my nail polish and I do the some thing?? loveing it thank

  3. Me and my best friend are being Minnie and Mickey for Halloween so I'm planning to do this <3

  4. It's great to wear the nails to Disney land

  5. These nails are so good that they look fake❤️❤️??

  6. can u do Donald and daisy duck nail art plz!!!!

  7. can you do a Minnie mouse one plzzzzzzz

  8. I can't believe that those are her real nails they look like fake ones

  9. Hey Sandi! Can you do a Disney parks manicure? Like have the castle, the tree, the ball, the hat. That'd be sooo cool!!

  10. Ehhhhh…. Isn't this minnie mouse?

  11. Hi Sandi! I made my own Aladdin-inspired design. The thumb was white base, and used red and black for his hat and hair. The index finger was skin-color with a little face. The middle finger was skin color with purple on the sides for his vest. The ring finger and pinkie were white with red patches for his pants.

  12. every things seems so easy in ur vids

  13. Can you do Lilo and Stitch nails

  14. ur nails r so perfect and pretty

  15. and wat is noticification squad

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