Disney Princess Belle // ‘Beauty And The Beast’ Nail Tutorial

Disney just released their brand new live action Beauty and the Beast movie! In celebration of this, we thought it would be super fun to create a nail art design inspired by the Disney princess Belle! (And who better to paint character nail art than Minnie?!) We decided to go with the classic Belle as she’s already in cartoon form, hehe. We hope you guys find this video both relaxing and inspiring! If you’d like to see more Disney princess nail art, let us know in the comments! We love you guys XO


  • ✦ Gloss On Top!, Sorbet, Sunflower, Rose, Jealousy: Picture Polish
  • ✦ Base Coat: OPI 

♡ Acrylic Paint and Other Tools ♡

  • ✦ Black, White, Brown, Yellow, Red, Purple, Blue: Liquitex or Chromacryl
  • ✦ Makeup Sponge
  • ✦ Skin Protector: Mitty
  • ✦ Dotting Tool
  • ✦ Nail Art Brushes: Nailbees

Thank you so much for watching! Love you guys ❤

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