Disney’s Frozen Anna & Elsa Nail Art

A summer Disney’s Frozen inspired nail art design featuring Anna and Elsa! It’s so cute that Frozen is normally winter themed and Minnie turned in into the perfect nail art design for summer!


  • ♡ Nail Polish ♡
    Base Coat: OPI
    Gloss On Top!, Sorbet, Cyan, Calm, Sea Jewel: Picture Polish
    Comet: Beyond The Nail
    Sheer White Nail Polish: Minnie’s DIY polish
  • ♡ Acrylic Paint ♡
    Pink: Liquitex, Jo Sonja’s or Chromacryl
  • ♡ Other Tools ♡
    Latex Skin Protector, Semi Circle Nail Vinyls: Bundle Monster
    Nail Art Brushes
    Dotting Tool
    Makeup Sponge
    Sandwich Bag

Thank you so much for watching! Love you guys ❤


  1. +cutepolish I LOVE the movie Frozen! One of my most favorite songs in Frozen are Let It Go! Your nails looked so perfectly done!

  2. It is so awesome. Minnie, you are just awesome. I am speechless. Where do you live? ?. All your works are so adorable.
    Also, I want you to do a doraemon inspired nail art. I would be really thankful. Thanks!! ☺ ??????

  3. can u please draw a nail art of snow white

  4. Could you do a hotel transylvania nail arts? please?? * 0 *

  5. awwwwwww these are so cute and they look so proffetional so well done xx

  6. Minnie's skills are just plain awesome

  7. I can't even draw that well lol

  8. I wish I could free hand like this. Minnie, you're super talented!

  9. I knew this was Minnie's tutorial because of the freehanding quality????

  10. When I grow up I wanna be like u

  11. it's insane how much talent she's got omg!!!

  12. Wow! Minnie is really good at painting by hand and doing decals!!!! Tell her great job!!!!

  13. Minnie has magical free hand skills.

  14. OMG OMG OMG how do you do that??!!! You are the best disney nail artist I have ever seen!!

  15. How do you clean your nail art brushes when you use acrylic paint?

  16. These tutorials are too complicated for younger viewers. You should try to make these just a little bit easier

  17. Minnie is sooooo talented I wish I had long and beautiful nails like hers Love ya cutepolish!!???

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