Disney’s Frozen Elsa Inspired Nail Art (EASY!)

❤ Inspired by Elsa from Frozen, here are some sparkly and gorgeous nails that are super easy to do!


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  1. That's pretty good. Not bad,I like it ♡:)

  2. definitely try this 🙂

  3. These nails are really pretty

  4. thank you for you

    wasting time to do this for everyone I love you

  5. I Love Elsa, she is my favorite Disney Princess, all though technically she is a Queen.

  6. LOVE YOUR VIDEOS! New sub!

  7. Did you get the blue tips using only the 'The New Black Striper' or did you add 'I Sea You Wear' to deepen the color blue at the tips?

  8. i loooove it and everything that has to do with elsa!!! my fav disney cartoon!!

  9. You make the best nail design omg ????

  10. Hi I love this nail design, simple but effective, you have a new subbie here, love your channel xoxo

  11. Cough cough… +sub , like , rate.
    Beautiful nails! I can't wait to do them on my little cousin. She's having an elsa birthday today and I think I'm more excited than she is!

  12. Can you please post where you purchased all the nail Polish's I would really appreciate it 🙂 

  13. I tried this ! It worked out pretty good

  14. I just got a nail design kit for St. Nick! Super excited to try this cute design!

  15. This is so simple yet so beautiful! I'm going to try this at home!

  16. This nail design really caught my eye when I was going through the videos on YouTube! I'm loving it

  17. I dont like frozen but the colour of them nails are amazing#Aqua…….

  18. Fantastic Frozen nails design

  19. Loved it…. M ur new subscriber! <3

  20. The video is to long it shows us nothing

  21. Aww so pretty can't wait to try it out x

  22. Cool video and my friend LOVES frozen and I think she will be elsa for hallowen

  23. Amazing nail design! I like that blue color 🙂

  24. Good idea! Using stripe brush instead of sponge to make a gradient like effect!!!

  25. wow that striper is beautiful!

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