Diva Gone Mad ⋆ Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Mwuuhahaa! Halloween is approaching quickly, and to stay in the American Horror Story vibes, my good friend Joyce came over and transformed me into a AHS: Asylum character. An AHS: Asylum diva who cries glitter, to be exact. ‘Cause what diva doesn’t cry glitter tears? — Hope you enjoy!


  • Kryolan Cream Color Circle “Black Eye”
  • Kryolan Dermacolor “D1W”
  • MAC Sculpting Powder “Taupe”
  • Kryolan Variety Eyeshadow Palette
  • Kryolan Shimmering Vision Interferenz Palette
  • MAC Fluidline “Blacktrack”
  • MAC Lip Pencil “Redd”
  • Ben Nye Lumière Luxe Powder “Ice”
  • Barry M Lipstick #52
  • Claire’s Glitter


  • Kryolan Black Contact Lenses

Thanks so much for watching, I love you! ♡


  1. Anyone else watching this in 2017, or just me? ?

  2. I love you nikki, ur my inspiration

  3. I literally don't even recognize You after the makeover : D

  4. your eyes look so muck better black

  5. you look so young in the makeup

  6. You look so different in the end!!!

  7. Gotta love the American Horror Story feel

  8. omg the opening is amazingly creepy ???

  9. Is There An Outfit To Go With This?

  10. Why do I think this looks like Amelia sconejoly ??

  11. idkkk like in a way she did her make up shee kind of looks like zendaya when she was younger !!!DONT GET OFFENDED PEOPLE!!!

  12. Who else was born on Halloween?

  13. When the intro began I wasn't looking at the screen because I was on the opposite side of the room and I thought someone was hacking my laptop so I freaked the fuck out

  14. So cool!! omg I love your Halloween tutorials

  15. Can you do a lily munster, or Lydia Deetz makeup tutorial this year? Please!

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