DIY Acrylic Glitter Inlay

In this detailed Step by Step Tutorial, Suzie creates a beautiful Acrylic Glitter Inlay. Suzie’s Professional Acrylic Starter Kit has Sold Out – thank you to all who purchased it. Suzie is currently working on her new Professional Acrylic Starter Kit 2. She will announce in a new video when her new Kit is available.

Have Fun!
Suzie’s Nail Career Education Inc.


  1. What number nail brush are you using x

  2. i love how every time she mentions her kit, she says "you don't have to have my kit" she's basically saying that the products you use have no effect on how the end result is, it's all your skill level

  3. Классные ногти у Вас. Аккуратные и всегда красивые.

  4. Hi Beautiful Susie, do you have kit number 2 yet my husband wants to get me one from you for my birthday on this month on the 15th. 10.15.17 your the first and only video he's watched and believe it or not he told me to ask you this.. so can you please keep me updated on your kit.. I've learned everything from watching you! Your AMAZING AT YOUR ARTISTRY WITH NAILS..
    Love Leena you can email me at for updates if you or happy camera man has time.. God Bless you both

  5. Hey. I need a little advice. For my ball next year, I am going to make my own dress and I want my nails to match my dress. Am I able to use a piece of lace as on accent nail using this technique?

  6. i need to get me a few fingers lol

  7. I want to see an acrylic removal sometime

  8. Hey can we get rhe kit re-released soon. If really love to learn to do my own nails and save some money

  9. I don't really care about nails, especially fake ones, but you are super entertaining to watch and your voice is so soothing??

  10. Does anyone know if you can Inlay things with tips?

  11. Uh, I know this is kinda weird but I love you! 🙂 I can watch you all day! Thanks for showing s such cool stuff!

  12. I audibly gasped when Suzie applied the top coat and the glitters came through ?

  13. i really love it when Susie just professionally dumps everything behind her.???

  14. This just feeds my acrylic addiction

  15. That plastic finger is the stuff of nightmares…

  16. I would like to purchase the nail brush. Plz send me the info. Thank you Suzie. Love your work.??

  17. Has anyone else been inspired by Susie to order an acrylic set and start doing this like me?

  18. its been months now….is the kit out yet?

  19. "then im going to dab it off to the side" "bitch dab look at my dab bitch dab look at my dab bitch" simplynailogical reference

  20. Absolutely love your videos, only 14 but I've been doing acrylics because of you and soon I'm getting proper drills. Ngl I think I'm pretty good considering my lack of experience and I don't have all the professional stuff. But hopefully when o get them I'll improve and then open my own salon ☺️☺️☺️

  21. some some weird probably very irrational reason, the plastic finger made me feel abit funny, I dunno, I was kinda put off my cereal for some reason…. I don't know what goes on in my head 🙁

  22. Can you please add drill bits to your next upcoming kit

  23. I love her voice it's so SOOTHING !!! ??

  24. Omg! The background music, I adore! It's my chill out music. The start bit. What the heck is it? I need it for my housework…

  25. Lmao who watches her video but doesn't rlly do there nails like tht !!???

  26. hello im trying to find what i need to keep the arcylic powder on the nails

  27. hi can we do this with dipping acrylic?

  28. you're like bob ross but with nails

  29. Hi suzi
    i love all your video,s… can i ask.. whats the best brushes to use please ..
    luv teena.. xxx

  30. Has anyone ever told you,you look like Valerie Bertinellitell ? I enjoy watching your videos with my daughter,keep up the good work! Thanks! 😉

  31. hahah her husband is so cute "cameraman, please" arm appears thank you!

  32. I like how she just throws the stuff back like she doesn't give a fuck?

  33. Suzie, how Do you take the acrylic OFF the plastic finger?? Without filing it down and damaging it?

  34. Is your set going to be for sale in September- October?

  35. Ive seen your vids a long while ago, and today thinking of my holiday i thought its easier to self-teach myself and spend some money once, than going to nail artists all the time whatever. So the first thing i thought, i HAVE TO find you again. Wasnt hard atall, and ive been watching your vids all afternoon lol. Subbed ofc. Loving them so much! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and amazing arts!!!

  36. she nailed it ? pun intended

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