DIY Anthropologie Wall Hanging

Today we’re doing some home decor DIY style! You’ll learn how to make these Anthropologie wall hangings that normally cost $100 or $200, but you can make them for $20!

So my love for boho and modern decor has finally found an outlet! These were so easy to make. I love the look of the yarn with the gold. It’s definitely like something you’d find in Free People or Urban Outfitters. So I hope you guys enjoy this look for less tutorial. Let me know what other do it yourself videos you’d like to see!

Products Used:

  • »Gold Rings:
  • »Yarn: Michaels Arts and Crafts
  • »Beads: Hobby Lobby
  • »Leather Cord: Michaels Arts and Crafts
  • »Dowel: Michaels Arts and Crafts


  1. And ofc Kayley would suggest adding in a braid ????

  2. I have a daughter and she's not even 2 years old and the amount of bows and headbands she is collecting is getting out of control. I'd love to see your ideas on DIY hair bow/clip/headband storage ❤️❤️

  3. this was such a great but simple diy! great video Kayley! i like the one with the two rings and the wooden beads (:

  4. You are soo prettyyyyyyy????❣️

  5. What do you do with these? What would they look like hung on a wall?

  6. i love your diy's! i have a video request. i always do your hairstyles and adapt them to work with my bangs but i would love a 7 days of bangs or something. thank you! keep doing what you're doing

  7. I love all of your videos and I'm so happy to see you branching out!!!

  8. Oh no, these are a rip off (the Anthropologie ones, too) of Iron Wood + Wool 🙁 she works very hard on her art and business(es) and has a family she supports with these. Please support her if you have the funds. ☹️

  9. I would love to see more DIY face and hair masks!! And what would be the most helpful are hair styles that you can wear in the water swimming or when it rains and still look great when when you get out of the water?

  10. When they get mini, they could become gorgeous ear rings!

  11. I like that you're mixing it up and doing something new during the week.

  12. 100$! Wha! I made a mini one at school when I was in kindergarten for a craft?

  13. Anthropologie is a store I can't afford to purchase anything from so this video is super helpful ??

  14. 1:48 I think that's the first braid I haven't seen you pull apart lol

  15. Lol I love how you added a braid!

  16. Hi Kayley! I was just wondering if you could do a video on hairstyles for bangs and or layers?? Thanks! Love your channel!

  17. Hey Kayley can you do your everyday makeup tutorial

  18. These are cute! And they look fun to make!

  19. I went onto Anthropologie to see the inspiration for these and I gotta say you did a great job. They are so overpriced otherwise.

  20. Your DIYs are so easy and simple but turn out so awesome! I love how you can relate to everyone by not making it complicated

  21. I dont know if id hang these on my walls but im tempted to make super mini ones and wear them as earrings ?

  22. Kayley can you do another 7 days of ponytails for curly hair please do it and i also luv u and ur channel;))

  23. I don't like these wall hangings, they aren't my personal style, but I LOVE your energy and the style of this video! Great job, I love how much you are growing and putting yourself out there!

  24. My uncle and aunt have an old braided one from the 70's. They put bird feathers that that have found throughout the years. ?

  25. I'm from iraq ?☄.. Ilove amarica and russia ….. Ilove your channel ?

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