DIY Chain French Braid – Hair and Craft Tutorial!

Here’s a DIY on this chain French braid. This tutorial covers both the craft and hair, so you learn both the hairstyle and the accessory!

I don’t know if you guys loved this red carped updo as much as I did, but I felt like I had to show you how to do it! This was originally worn by Vanessa Kirby and styled by Adir Abergel. His accessories are available through LeletNY – and they are stunning! If, however, the price tag is too much, Let me show you another alternative 🙂

★What I used in the Video:★

  • Jewelry Pliers
  • 10m Jewelry Chain
  • Hair Comb
  • Head Pins
  • Beads
  • Jump Rings (Bigger than 6mm!)

★What I’m wearing:★


  1. I totally LOVE Adir's work he is super talented, he always makes hairsyles that are perfectly undone, that can breath. I totally loved this look he created and was really sad when his line came out and saw that everything was 100's of Dollars!

    I don't have a single DIY bone in my body but I have just bought the supplies for this Hair Comb Chain, it only cost $15 for everything! I have a wedding in September and this is how I'm going to style my hair!

    Thanks Kayley, for making this video, it looks like it will be easy to do. I'm going to add more chain onto mine as there are 50 chains on Adir's one. (I rather sadly, looked at the HQ photos of the Comb online and counted the chains and beads so I would have a more exact replica!)

  2. Maybe I should unsubscribe you have take forever to post something new

  3. I hate doing a French braid because my arms start paining.

  4. very cool hairstyle! ?

  5. This hairstyle is absolutely amazing and beautiful!!! You are the master with hair!

  6. Love it Kayley! But i will do it when i have longer hair 🙂

  7. I have veeeeeerrrrrrrrrryyyyy long hair so it's basically a workout every time I braid my hair ??

  8. I know you already did belle hairstyles but could you do the last hairstyle she wore at the end of the movie? When the beast is not a beast any more and the have the big ball, pleaseeee! ????????????

  9. هاي شنو الاستعملتهن

  10. please can someone answer this cos yeah I need help X basically I'm 13 and I straighten my hair at least maybe once or twice a week, my hair is really really really thick and quite frizzy so it looks nicest when it's straight for like parties and stuff but I haven't had it cut in a while and some falls out when I straighten it and I'm scared it's really damaged and it'll get all thin please help what should I do? xx

  11. This is so cool! Also Please please do some hairstyles from the movie 'Age of Adaline'!

  12. The fear I have of getting this tangled in my hair is real. it's super cute tho.

  13. I wish I could do this. I can't French braid my own hair to save my LIFE

  14. It's a great look, but won't it be a nightmare to take the chains off the hair?

  15. Wow Kayley. This was fantastic! Simple french braid with a DIY twist, who would have thunk it? lol

  16. Kayley's DIY hair accessory video again! YAAAAAS!

  17. Would love to see more hair accessory DIYs!

  18. this is honestly so cool and pretty! love it 😀

  19. This is really cool. On the LeletNY page for this hair piece, there is also a half up half down style. I'd love to see your recreate that. 🙂

  20. Very nice channel. I subbed.Please visit me and sub back. Thanks!

  21. I don't like the look, too loose for my taste

  22. I've been trying for years and I still struggle with french braiding. A basic braid is the most advanced I'm going to get 🙁

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