DIY Closet Makeover

Here’s my DIY closet makeover! I love to organize and tackle do it yourself projects so I thought I’d show you this easy& inexpensive ikea makeover!

In today’s video I give you a bit of a closet tour while I show you an ikea hack and some of my rules for organization. I’m renting my apartment so I wanted to keep this makeover cheap and easy. I think I managed to do that! I hope you enjoy, let me know if you’d like more makeover, home decor, or room decor videos! I think it could be super fun!

★The things I used:★

  • Ikea Malm 2 Drawer Chest
  • Ikea Ekby Alex Wall Shelf
  • Ikea Haggeby Drawer fronts 24″ x 5″
  • Anthropology Streamline Knob in Small Brass
  • Ikea Lack Wall Shelf


  1. Such good inspiration! Love the ideas to diy Ikea stuff.

  2. Do serena van der woodsen hair tutorial. It's so natural and voluminous

  3. You can actually use the original compass on the iphone to make sure that things are straight by swiping left and it will appear

  4. Am I losing it or did Mr. Kate not re-do Kayley's studio in the last couple of years?

  5. It's lovely ! You could also organise your clothes from lighter to darker colors 🙂

  6. Finally a YouTuber who has a closet that doesn't take up a whole room, very refreshing 🙂

  7. Can you do a video about how you manage to organize your clothes? You have the cutest capsule closet! ☺️?

  8. cool ideas :). I have the same hangers in Poland ;).

  9. that time your hand got stuck to the wall ? i hope it was easy to get out

  10. I would like to see more of your style, colset tour!! 😛

  11. i think i will see her décoration, not her all the video

  12. I think it is really nice that you wanted your closet to match all the hard work Mary put into designing your room. 🙂

  13. Kayley, please do a house tour !!!!!?

  14. Very nice makeover but i think it looks the same. You just replace the old drawer with a new one. It looks like it has the exact same dimension & height ¯(ツ)

  15. I love this! I also love that you have a relatable closet if that makes sence, my closet is basically the same as yours. I think I'm going to Ikea soon ?

  16. Is that really your entire wardrobe in your closet really now? lol I have a full walk in and still doesn't feel like there's enough space. #confessionsofashopaholic

  17. I love seeing you do DIY! Love itttt

  18. So cute ! I love the shelf for the shoes ! This is too small for me though ?????

  19. I love your makeovers I hope u will make more makeovers and record it!!❤️❤️❤️

  20. Hey Kayley, loved your diy ideas in this video! So great for people with smaller closets!

  21. You can usually just turn those drawers around and put on a handle! I did that wth similar drawers for a little cabinet I have from IKEA.

  22. Where do you record your videos? Before 'office makeover' you had that 'rolled background' on top of your bookshelf… I don't see any place to shoot movies now… 🙁

  23. Felt so gratifying to just watch the de-cluttering….XD

  24. I don't get why you would put shoes and clothes together in one closet. It seems filthy. I see it often on internet in american houses.

  25. I always love decluttering my stuff and cleaning up! Makes me feel calm and its fun to see things get pretty.

  26. This video made me realize I really need to redo my closet haha

  27. Woo! This inspired me to clean out/reorganize my closet today, and it looks so much better! Thanks for the inspiration! ☺️

  28. Definitely saving this for closet inspiration

  29. Can we get shoe info??? Need a couple pair of those boots???

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