DIY Color Changing Nail Polish!

DIY Color Changing Nail Polish! Hello everyone 🙂 In today’s nail art tutorial, Minnie is going to show you how to create your very own custom DIY color changing nail polish at home! This isn’t just a silly nail hack – it’s a legit way to make a professional color changing nail polish at home! Express your creativity and DIY your very own nail polish. What would you name your shade?


  • Base Coat, Alpine Snow: OPI
  • Color Changing Pigment:
  • DIY Nail Polish Lacquer Base, Empty Bottle: Nail Super Store AU

Thank you so much for watching! Love you guys ❤


  1. wow genius! I never thought of this!

  2. How much power can I use? Just add until I am satisfied with the color?

  3. You can find it at solar color dust

  4. She sounds so cute XD

  5. +cutepolish PLZ do a cat nail art! ?

  6. Can Minnie do a nail care routine please??

  7. I loooove the way she say "nailpolish" so cuuute ?

  8. Minnie i live in Macedonia. Can you pleace do a search for: Skopje Macedonia. It's an amaizing country.Thank you so much

  9. Can you do secret life of pets nail art? ?


  11. This isn't a diy….you're telling us to buy expensive color changing pigment and buy clear nail polish and mix it… TO MAKE COLOR CHANGING NAIL POLISH

  12. Sooooo, is cutepolish only uploading once a week? Or even that?

  13. if u subscribe ill subscribe back???? ?? plzz

  14. Color changing nail polish is meh, DIY color changing nail polish is on a whole new level

  15. That is so cool! I didn't know it was possible to create tour own ?? I also make nail art tutorials and it would be awesome if you would check it out!

  16. Hello guys! I strat on YouTube? Come join me ??✨?

  17. Minnie, your nails always turn out perfectly!! ? u and your nail designs!

  18. omg'sies i have to get that

  19. Ylu guys should do a giveaway!

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