DIY EASY Gold Glowing Nails & Cat Eyes!


  • ♥ Peel-off base coat: Here
  • ♥ Black nail polish: Here
  • ♥ Nail foils: Here
  • ♥ Nail foil glue: Here
  • ♥ Green multi-chime polish: FUN Lacquer ‘C’est Noel’ but it’s discontinued oops my bad! Other great multi-chromes here: Here
  • ♥ Foil top coat I ended up using (it worked!): Here
  • ♥ Cat nail vinyls from: Here
  • ♥ White polish for eye dots: Here
  • ♥ Quick-dry glossy top coat: Here


  1. i want to do my nails so badly after watching your videos lol but i have super small nail beds and i have to keep my nails short because i play guitar. so i have no room to do anything!

  2. I don't celebrate halloween

    I celebrate HOLOween

  3. The thumb nail is fake it’s ok well all know u only paint one hand



  5. Now I ain't sayin she a gold digger
    But I ain't messin with no holo glitter. ??

  6. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Cristine Read The Comment from Cassidy Anne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I didny do my nails till recently. But because you're such a huge inspiration. I am slowly but surely buying nail products so I can do my 3 daughter's and my nails!

  8. Am I the only boy that watches Christine?
    (I'm pan and I WOULD like to do my nails buuuut… GEBDER ROLES also parents ._.)

  9. Forward to 2017 rip nail art.

  10. Omg. She deviated more into Facelogical

  11. "And you guys thought I was becoming a make-up channel! don't worry guys, I will NOT become a make-up channel!" //one year later//Cristine became a "beauty guru" and has since replaced her nail videos with a beauty tour XD oooooh the lies! (No hate intended just pointing out the irony)

  12. Im a
    Year late bro. Im depressed and i love watching her videos ❤

  13. I love Cristine for the person that she is, her natural non-forced humour, straight “what you see is what you get” honest persona and her all round I-dont-give-a-fuck attitude – shes frickin awesome! Love from the UK Cristine!

  14. I recently re-watched this video and actually laughed out loud when you said that this channel isn't becoming a makeup channel XD Don't get me wrong Cristine, I enjoy the random vids almost as much as your nail vids ♥

  15. What holo are you (test)
    Your holo is the last digit of your like

    1gold holo
    2 linear holo
    3regular extreme holo
    4black holo
    5chrome holo
    6silver holo
    7holo glitter
    8pink holo
    9blue holo

  16. "No silly, I'm not turning into a makeup channel"… if only she knew

  17. Now I ain't saying she a holo digger, but she ain't messin' with no creme polish.

  18. I have a black polish better than all your black polishes and it's local if want it please tell me ill send it to ya

  19. This was posted on my birthday (I got holo glitter for my birthday obviously)

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