DIY EASY Halloween YUMMY Spooky Treats

These DIY Halloween Treats are perfect if you will be throwing or going to a party this Halloween. They make great conversation starters and your guest will be laughing . It’s very simple and scary. Each one is super easy to DIY and are perfect for friends or just for you to munch on!!

Ann Le / Anneorshine


  1. For the ghost you could also use chocolate chips for the mouth and mini chocolate chips for the eyes

  2. The 1st treat looks so gross

  3. who disliked this and why?

  4. I love your videos sow cute, sow cool!!!!!!!!!! Can you show how to to a coktel???? And i love sow much minecraf!!!!

  5. i love how she says worm <3

  6. The first one looks like it has a Vietnamese dessert

  7. I like the first one it looks cute

  8. For the green pudding u can just use vanilla pudding and green food coloring

  9. LOVE your videos and loved these treats !!!!! whoooo HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!! +Ann Le {Anneorshine} 

  10. I can't believe I was able to demonstrate the Boo-Nanna pudding on the Today show!  Thanks for giving it such a cute name guys!!!

  11. OMG I just saw you on the Today show! You did the banana ghost, and other cool Halloween DIY'S. I really liked the mummy lanterns, will definitely try those. I was so happy to see on T.V…. yay! 🙂

  12. These are really creative! I'm a bit tired of the generic Halloween videos that pop up each year.. these are special!

  13. I love these! I have to make them! Thanks for sharing them ♥ 

  14. It's not scary it's cute??

  15. I like the first 2 ideas the best! But they are all ADORABLE!

  16. Where do u live??

  17. I love the first one

  18. I love the ghost one! It is so adorable!

  19. If someone brought chia pudding to my house I would cry ? its halloween ? you don't have to be healthy ? Even if its a cool texture it's not that savory

  20. I love it ! Always love your videos!

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