DIY For Volume & Faux Highlights in Braids!!


  1. So glad I found this! I had serious sticker shock when I checked out the extensions at Sally's. Will have to check for independents around here and try this. Because yeah, it's fun doing funky braids, but less fun when they don't seem to really show up.

  2. Do you have any suggestions of places to get wefts on a budget?

  3. Does it matter what brand/are there any cheap brands to definitely avoid? I don't want to end up with hair that feels like a Barbie's! Definitely want to try this for my wedding though!xxx

  4. Oh my gosh you are so creative and this video was so thorough like it's so sweet of you to put in all your time and efdort to help everyone out there like WOW you deserve a round of applause for this!! 🙂

  5. Just made a couple of these clips tonight and they're great! I got synthetic hair and wig clips at a wig shop at my local mall and it was all very inexpensive. Great tutorial!

  6. Love it! I have brown hair, so def gonna do it to show off a little with my braids 🙂
    Also love how it makes your hair look volumnous!!

  7. I know this sounds silly, but I've never even thought of adding extensions to make my braid fuller.. I've just been tugging a bit at the braid for a fuller effect, but that just makes the braids flat.. TY for this!! 2 dark, 1 light..

  8. Here comes a stupid, odd question… Do you happen to know of any updo hairstyles a woman can wear that has a receding hairline? Unfortunately my hair is running away from my face and I need some professional hairstyles, hopefully without exposing it. Thank you very much

  9. Hey do you guys know where you can buy wig clips in store? Reckon most craft stores would have them? 

  10. I'm so going to try this out

  11. This is such a fantastic tutorial, Kayley! You get better every day!  By the way, how long were the wefts you bought? Thanks!

  12. This is a great idea! Thank you so much for you creative ideas and step by step tutorials. I am going to give this one a try!

  13. Absolutely loved your video! Thanks so much for making! 🙂

  14. Great video but I have super dark hair like almost black. I dyed my hair (Highlights) platinum blonde twice back in high school and it faded to a caramel color,. My hair has grown out since then and now it has this ombre effect going. Not sure if those colors would work with my hair color?

  15. This is amazing!! love your videos 🙂

  16. This looks awesome, what a great idea! I love your hair color anyway, it's gorgeous 🙂

  17. The best DIY i ever seen!!! So helpfull! Thank u! Im going to do it

  18. the editing in this video is amazing Kayley! I love all the effort and time you put into making videos. 

  19. Such a nice video! It shows that you put lots of effort into filming and editing. everything is really clear and very easy to follow thank you so so muuuuuch!

  20. I love this diy, you have gorgeous hair girly! I would love if you could check out my newest video, ipsy unboxing! Xoxo lexavictoria

  21. Thank you for the lovely tips and ideas! Will definitely have to try this sometime. You look gorgeous. Absolutely adore your videos. (: <3

  22. Could you do a video on some ponytail styles, but with a lot of texture in them?

  23. love it!! really creative!!!

  24. do u think it would look weird if I had brown hair and I put blonde highligs in?

  25. Can you do a video of how to grow out your hair?

  26. Thank you so much for this video. I've been looking at getting some extensions. I have light hair with length, almost as long as yours. I need them for volume, especially accent braids that start on the side or front. I just need a couple of small clips, I can't justify the money to myself to buy a whole set.

  27. Your videos are always so helpful! Never get bored of watching! Thanks so much!

  28. Sally's does carry synthetic hair extensions!

  29. I never thought I would wear hair extensions cuz I have A LOT of hair. But I like that it can add some color dimension. Thanks for the idea. I definitely have to try it now!!

  30. I'm surprised of how simple it is! I liked how you chose dark ribbon and light thread, much easier to see that way. I have really fine and thin hair, so much that I think a full set of extentions would show up whenever I'd move my head. This tutorial will help so much, thanks a lot! Your videos are always the best (:

  31. Your videos are fantastic. I've watched you for years and I've really noticed how you have evolved over time. Bravo ?

  32. Ok…. my hair is dark, almost black, so in order for it to not look weird I would have to put clips all over my head…. what pattern to use?

  33. Thank you so much!  I actually made a comment on your accent braid video about how all braids I do get lost on my super dark brown hair. I actually cut off over a foot of my hair and saved it a bit ago (for whatever reason lol). Maybe I should experiment with coloring it to try this?

  34. Awesome idea!!!
    Can you tell me, which nailpolish do you have on your nails in the video?
    Greetz from Germany!

  35. Wow I love this video! My hair is sorta naturally highlighted, but not enough to make a difference. I will definitely try this out!!! Great job Kayley! ?

  36. This is so helpful, great tips!

  37. This was not only a creative idea, but a wonderfully-done & edited video! Loved all of the before and after photos!

  38. I'm always re creating your looks. I have long, dark blonde fine hair but lots of it… If that makes sense. I sometimes find my braids don't look as voluminous as your because I don't have extensions. I found this video great for people like me who want that voluminous look but don't want to splash out on a full set of extensions. Fantastic! Thank you x

  39. What a good idea :-). Never thought to try that before! Xx

  40. Love this video! As you can tell by my picture, I have really dark hair and it's so annoying that some great braided styles just don't really show up in my hair. I'd love to try this!
    Any German beauty pros here? I have no clue where to get extensions like that. I've concluded that "wefted" would be "Tressen" in German, but at least on Amazon I can only find ones that already have clips in them. Any ideas for a better search term or a place where I can just go and get them?

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