DIY Gel Polish Nails At Home!

Hey guys! This was a highly requested video after you guys saw on Instagram that I was doing a gel polish manicure. I filmed it for you- so here it is! It’s perfect for Valentine’s Day too! I hope you enjoy and feel more comfortable venturing into the world of gel polish after this 🙂

Here are the products I used in this video:

Hope you all have a wonderful day! See you soon! xo



  1. dont you use a gel base coat for this?

  2. omgggg cutepolish likes her own vids ??? go to her playlists then go to liked vids, all hers ???

  3. please stop insulting her she just meant how to do the perfect gel manicure!!

  4. it said diy gel Nails at home not diy gel nail polish

  5. it said diy gel Nails at home not diy gel nail polish

  6. what if you cant do your left hand cause your a righty

  7. I thought you were gonna teach us how to make gel polish, but this is still technically a DIY bc you're applying the polish yourself instead of getting them done at a salon

  8. I've been collecting nail polish for crafts, so when I find it on clearance, I "try-it-out" on my nails. The prob is, I had no idea that the glitter would be glued into place after a while (weeks, I'm ashamed to say…)!!! I was so glad to find that even the glitter came right off when I "tried out" another polish that I happened to not like, over it while the ugly one was still wet!!! Who needs "SPECIAL-STUFF" that costs a fortune, when all you need is cheap polish to soften what you need to take off???

  9. 1. this is not a diy
    2. how do u take them off?

  10. Do have to take off the nail polish almost like everyday

  11. This video was uploaded on my 15th birthday. Thanks Sandi! ❤

  12. What is the song in the background called ????

  13. where do we get gel polish

  14. Can you do a frozen one please

  15. I love how fast and easy gel polishes, but the problem is does it ruin my nails after I've done one manicure and try to remove it? :/


  17. there's a solo gel at ulta I've seen it while I was shopping

  18. this is HOW to use a gel polish not DIY

  19. It's DIY because it's showing how to get gel nails yourself instead of going to a salon for it. At least that's how I see it.

  20. +cutepolish I used to get my nails done at the salon with Gelish polish and I love your designs, and some of them are a little harder to do with Gelish, like the sponge technique. So if you can find a way to work around it or a different technique then that would be awesome 🙂 #AskSandi

  21. Sandi, you should do a "How to prep for gel perfectly" video!!???

  22. I thought u were going to show us how to actually DIY gel polish u just paint your nails in this video……………………….

  23. Can you do ladybug and cat noir from miraculous, nails

  24. They are so pretty great for Prom!

  25. CUTE NAILS ??????❣❤️?❤️❤️????????

  26. can you do a temperature changing gel nail polosh look?

  27. looks like something I would use for valentine's day ❤❤

  28. how to remove gel polish without ruining your nails and really all about how to use gel polish without ruining your nails!

  29. Do you seal the second coat too or just the first? Also can you do a tutorial on how to remove gel manicures at home please?

  30. I love your channel the nails are always so cute 😉

  31. does anyone know what the name of the soundtrack is in the background?

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