DIY Glam Witch Nails | Black Holographic Glitter mwahaha

Today I’m a basic witch. Keeping things classy over here with some pointy-ass nails all decked out in Black Holo Witch because DUH it’s almost Holoween!


  • ♥ Point long-ass fake nails: Here
  • ♥ Glass nail files: Here or Here
  • ♥ Nail glue you may use: Here
  • ♥ Black creme polish: Here
  • ♥ Black Holo Witch glitter polish: Here or Here
  • ♥ Temporary tattoos: Here and Here
  • ♥ Peel-off base coat: Here
  • ♥ Quick-dry glossy top coat: Here
  • ♥ ON MY OTHER HAND: Here *please don’t shame her condition – I blame the pumpkin carving


  1. No Cristine, we come for the nails, and we 'cum' for the peel porn

  2. 4:00 shhh don’t tell everyone our secret of course we are watching for the tutorial

    (Not me I watch because she is god damn funny and I like peeeeel porn
    I also have short ass nails and keep biting them because of my anxiety ?)

  3. I have curvy nails too so I hate wrapping the tips

  4. I’ve used nail glue as superglue. It’s the exact same as regular superglue.

  5. Hey Cristine brain storm you may probably hate me after readin this comment and thing I’m stupid and s#*t but you should do a polish H?L?mountain on the fake witch nails xx love ya (don’t forget to use the menchi polish) sorry ik I spelt your cats name wrong ?

  6. How is her real nail so clean like mine be looking like I digged 2000 things of dirt with my nails when I didn’t


  8. that henna was actualy pretty good i know how to do henna

  9. I actually did these nails for school

  10. You are aware that kids under 11 is watching this right? Aka,me ,nine

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