DIY: Glitter Acrylic Fade

Suzie shows how to create a beautiful Glitter Fade with Acrylic in this Step By Step Tutorial. Suzie’s Professional Acrylic Starter Kit has Sold Out – thank you to all who purchased it. Suzie is currently working on her new Professional Acrylic Starter Kit 2. She will announce in a new video when her new Kit is available.

Have Fun!
Suzie’s Nail Career Education Inc.


  1. Omg you should really have your own nail school?‼️

  2. This was posted on my birthday ???

  3. Suzie & Camera Man, This is my FAVORITE video of all times! I have watched it so many times, and am requesting another one – more flowers???
    I love watching you, more than any other nail tech's in this entire world!! Love, Karla & 4 yr old, Ceci, from SC!!!

  4. Your a genuis when it comes down to nails and ?art period ?hands ⬇down incredible so successful and artisitic true talent

  5. hola, no entiendo el ingles pero con tus videos aprendo mucho, muchas gracias por tus videos, es un hermoso trabajo

  6. Am learning new things thank you aunt suzie

  7. I love your work! I've been learning from home, and you've been so inspiring. Thank You!

  8. I have done nails just my own and regular nail polish at that but I believe if I would to learn I would learn with your easy steps. Your an awesome teacher

  9. She's like the teacher at school I've always wanted

  10. I cannot stop watching these videos! I even watch them over again! I need a kit so bad!

  11. On my left hand while filing(I'm a righty)-??
    On my right hand while filing-?????????

  12. Does anybody know what kind of acrylic is used in this video?

  13. I want to get my nails done by Suzie

  14. did you go to school for nails or is it just a hobby of yours? you know so much about them and are really talented at this

  15. I love when you take the form off you just kinda throw it. haha

  16. I hate wearing nail polish more than anything in the world but I love these videos ?

  17. had no idea you were in BC, Suzie! me too! very cool 🙂

  18. i wish you could do my nails❤

  19. Hi Suzie, I wanted to ask you something : is it dangerous/bad to do acrylic on naturaly thin nails. Mines are really thin and they tend to split at the ends becoming two layers of nails and breaking easly. But i want acrylics so bad so is it possible?

  20. I always watch your videos Suzie but I can't get acrylic or gel not even stick on nails and I know that your videos will always be amazing and I love every video and subscribe to you your the best and I also think you should do a collab with simply nail-logical she really funny too

  21. you're amazing ,you make it look easy but it's not ,I tryed doing clear acrylic ?

  22. I always look forward to the top coat

  23. if you have a nail shop were can i find you

  24. I love your videos you are talented in what you do you sound like a nice women. You videos make me do it but I can I am only 10 but I will love to be like you one day 🙂

  25. When can a order my starting kit?

  26. I love suzie but I hate the fake hands

  27. your videos are so soothing and calming. very interesting information as well.

  28. Susie I have been watching your videos for about a month now and I am just in awe!!!!!! I am not a nail tech either. But I sure would love to be able to do my own nails. I love the nails you do and enjoy watching. I have spent hours watching since I have come across your videos. Is it possible to teach myself through  your videos???I soooo want nice nails.I want to order this kit but was wanting your thoughts. Also can you recommend a decent drill for a beginner.

  29. Suzie, is there a tutorial about how to take OFF acrylic nails off these plastic fingers?? Bc I just bought 2 of them and don't want to ruin them. I had a practice hand and kind of ruined it bc I filed the natural nail to get the acrylic off. 🙁

  30. Dear Suzie I love watching you on youtube you make doing nails look so easy and they are beautiful when finished, I am learning
    how to do my nails they have never been right since I had to have chemotherapy and all my nails came off I used false nail but just used to glue them on but now after I watched you I know that is wrong so I will keep watching you and learning to do it the right way I would just like to say I think you are fantastic and thank you .

  31. when will your nail starter kit be back in stock :[

  32. Thank you so much for the time you spend on your video's helped me a lot with application of acrylic nail's using form' s for first time

  33. I really wanna go get my nails done with her now ??

  34. Is it normal for people to be scared of trying acrylic nails? Ive had gel nails before and watching these videos makes me want to try acrylic but Im too nervous.

  35. 3:02 That is the most genuine advice I have ever seen and it does my heart good to see you care so much about clients. I love your videos and the way you teach!

  36. U could have got Natalie and done her nails like that cause u know SHE LUVZ GLITTER! and I'm sure she'll love it 😉

  37. Susie you are my favorite person in the hole entire world also my family and Jacob sartorius! : ) : ) : )

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