DIY Glow In The Dark Nail Polish!

DIY Glow In The Dark Nail Polish! This is the perfect DIY for nails with Halloween just around the corner. You can order Glow In The Dark pigments here


  • Empty Polish Bottles, Lacquer Base (
  • Glow In the Dark Pigment
  • Base Coat, Alpine Snow: OPI
  • Piece of Paper
  • Sticky Tape
  • Scissors

Thank you so much for watching! Love you guys ❤


  1. is anyone else in love with Minnie s voice??

  2. where can i get the stuff at

  3. lol I loved it I'm gonna try It at home

  4. it is like omg amazing

  5. what the heck every tape is sticky??

  6. That's so cool how do you do that

  7. Amazing.I love light nails.I am minion renger xx6…

  8. omg you are always talking like a baby

  9. can you show me how to do that

  10. I can't find the Lacquer Base online…

  11. yeah v enjoy it very nice o lov it very much ???

  12. apna konsha colour liya ha rangolu wala ya holi wala

  13. hey ,what's cutiepie marzia doing here??????????

  14. What the hell I came here to know how to make it.?

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