DIY: How to Apply Acrylic on a SHORT Nail

Acrylic Application on a Short Nail requires a specific technique. Suzie breaks it down in this Step by Step Tutorial using a Practise FInger that’s included in her Professional Acrylic Starter Kit.

Suzie’s Professional Acrylic Starter Kit has Sold Out – thank you to all who purchased it. Suzie is currently working on her new Professional Acrylic Starter Kit 2. She will announce in a new video when her new Kit is available.

Have Fun!
Suzie’s Nail Career Education Inc.


  1. I love your nails! How do you do the right side?

  2. How long does it take for the acrylics to dry?

  3. I love your videos the calm me so I can sleep thank you Suzie I have a very hard time sleeping

  4. new kit is very very needed . hope it comes out soon.?

  5. How do you remove the acrylic from the practice finger without ruining it?

  6. Yea mine chip away right at that spot and I end up with a little nook that I have to fill later.

  7. Anyone know how much the kits are roughly??

  8. When you wipe the brush, why is there a yellow/brown spot?

  9. I've ALWAYS wanted a set of acrylics, but my parents said no. After that I bought a kit online and my dad found out so I told him I didn't do it. BAD IDEA

  10. Are you going to do more kits? I'm only just now seeing these and would be thrilled to have the chance to purchase one for my collection of nail goodies – also will be starting nail tech courses Nov 2 🙂

  11. Can you do a video on how to use forms on long nails or some what long nails? Im new to the acrylic game and have decent length nails but not as long as I would like. My goal is to grow them out so applying acrylic is easier however in the mean time when I use the forms, acrylic seems to go under my natural nail making the underneath part have a lip. it not only looks terrible but my hair gets caught on it when I run my fingers through. It is just because when I apply the acrylic it is to thin?

  12. All I watched during hurricane Irma was her videos they calmed me down while my house ripped apart

  13. When a fake nail has better nails than you

  14. I got her kit and I made my aclircs nails every month

  15. I was wondering I'm looking to buy a lot do my own acrylics at home, what would you recommend?

  16. Haw do you wipe after you use the bathroom with pointie nails

  17. I have really short nails because i chew them….i really want to get acrylic nails but i think there to small

  18. Watching your videos makes me want to become a nail technician. I am signed up for the notification of when you release your second kit. I'd love to get my hands on it.

  19. I want acrylic nails but I'm only 10

  20. Your so good at it it's so beautiful love your channel I just subscribed

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