DIY: Kiara Sky French Manicure Dip Powder System – A Pro Review

Suzie tries a French Manicure Dip Powder System for her first time to see how it compares to her Hand-Sculptured French Acrylic Nails

The French Dip Case and Powders are included in the Kiara Sky Powder Dip Starter Kit.

This is not a sponsored video – Kiara Sky sent their Dip Starter Kit to Suzie so she could check it out for her viewers.


  1. Can u add a link for the dip starter kit

  2. I'm having issues with lifting. I've done acrylic for 29 years, but love dip. Might throw in the towel on acrylic.

  3. loveeeeeeeee this newly found channel, ill be binging on this…. throw ur problems behind you like suzie does… i laugh every time

  4. who cleans up the mess on the floor after every video….

  5. I like how you throw the plastic on the side.I needed that laugh.

  6. Can you use this on natural nails?

  7. Hi Suzie I have a question about Kiara Sky system can you apply regular nail polish?

  8. Seria ótimo se tivesse legenda em português ?

  9. Hey Susie have you ever tried revel nail products? Very similar to kiara sky, I would love to see you opinion on that company

  10. Is there any chance you can review the gelish dip system? I'm in between kiara sky and gelish but can't find and good professional reviews or videos on the gelish dip system.

  11. someone needs to make an edit of suzie throwing all the rubbish behind her

  12. The kiss dipping system doesn't tell you to do 3/4 of the nail first like this kit does… Would you suggest trying that for structure reasons? Absolutely love your channel

  13. I would love if you did camera man's nails ?? (love your channel)

  14. Could I use regular acrylic powder? If so would it be the same steps?

  15. suzie can you use Kiara sky French manicure dip powder on natural nails p.s I love you and your videos

  16. Did not look very good and that was a lot of time consuming steps. No thanks!!

  17. What kind of file are you using?

  18. I watch all the videos and try nothing?????

  19. Is the dipping system as strong as acrygel?

  20. This is the first video of yours I have viewed and I am in LOVE. You are incredible. Thank you so much. I was mesmerized.
    So beautiful and so nicely explained. Thank you very very much. You are an inspiration!

  21. What acrylic powder do you recommend

  22. seems like too much work tbh. if you learn the liquid to powder ratio you can do your nails faster over time. even if you learn this system it still takes a lot of time and effort to do

  23. dang i wish i could get that. it would make my life a lot easier but I'm broke lol

  24. Thanks for video. Can I know coloration Number of Green and fucsia bottle that i see on the your table? thanks

  25. I want to sleep in a bed made of her voice!

  26. Hi, Suzie! I notice you say that this product is to strengthen real nails n acrylic. My local studios are doing this as an actual acrylic set. What's your take on that?

  27. Are the products as smelly as the normal acrylic?

  28. wow. I need to try this. I usually use gel, but french is so hard when you do it on yiurself. this looks way easier but more time consuming.

  29. Suzie, your nail videos are the best… you are a master at your craft!

  30. I m sorry if it's gonna be kindaa harsh…however the way you throw the stuff…is kindaa rude..not bossy but rude…plz throw it in dustbean…like sophsticated business woman…

  31. or u can buy 2 polishes and a stencil, instead of wasting 12 minutes on just 1 nail lol

  32. Can you make nails with dip powders the same way you do with the papers nail ? thanks

  33. which shade of kiara sky pink was that?

  34. if you need to correct or adjust the french line, how would you do it without having to redo the whole nail?

  35. when  she throw the packaging behind  her  ???

  36. The award for best package disposal goes to…??

  37. Suzie! I love your channel, and with this video I started to do my nails with dip powder, and it's amazing !!, but usually my cuticles end too damaged, I know that's because I'm buffing too close, but if I don't they don't get smooth: /, and then happens that the cuticles start to peel off in my fingers. Do you have any advise?

  38. Does anyone else love how Suzie just throws everything behind her

  39. Wish I could afford to buy it and have it sent to Australia 🙁 Seems like it world be amazing for being able to grow your nails (mine are extremely fragile from years of biting and acrylics which I no longer do)

  40. Hi, I would like to know how to use the brush saver. Thank you.

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