DIY Lazy Beauty Hacks Everyone Should Know!


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  2. 4:58 NO NO GOD NO NO if your a holosexual you will understand like if you do

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  4. I make YouTube vids but I have to use my phone camera

  5. I love you so much!! These were soooo helpful!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. i love your videos I am a 13 years fan from India

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  8. Being lazy means bingwatching vids

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  10. But scientists have said that toothpaste is not good for skin and can cause skin canser ??????

  11. Sry for seeing your video late sis…. love u You are simply amazing??doing grt work keep it and keep rocking #notificationsquad

  12. You saved my life ?

  13. Good video, you are the BEST you tuber in the WORLD, you are so funny!

  14. Im in spring break right now

  15. Cristine is not impressed

  16. I'm not lazy! I'm just saving the energy!!

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