DIY Lazy Food Gadgets EVERY Person Should Know!

Here you can find the best pranks, life hacks, beauty testing & fun back to school content all about how to survive being a girl, a boy, teen. Whatever you are, welcome to your own personal “Outlet”.


  1. Happy Saturday! I’ll be on Instagram live in the next hour if you’d like to join me!! @nataliesoutlet …I’ve been traveling like crazy working on so many fun projects for you guys! I am sorry I missed a few uploads. BUT starting this week, you can expect TWO videos again!!! 😀 Comment below what other videos you want to see next? As always I love YOU, yes YOOOU sooo much! ?
    Now it’s time to start replying to some of the early #natificationsquad comments ^_^

  2. omg i like the stuff u have?????????????????????????

  3. Whoever likes LD Shadowlady reply to this text the panda emoji and I will text back to the first person who texts!

  4. I dont like sea food it is gross ??????????????????????????

  5. Whoop whoop vote for natile

  6. Some African are watching so please make videos that we can also make as Life Hacks cos those gadgets that you use or in America only not here in South Africa

  7. copy Kylie Jenner's Instagram photos for 1 day

  8. copy kyler Jenner's Instagram for 1 day

  9. do a video in which u make your makeup yourself and use it in your face and rate it from 1to 10

  10. do a makeup with only the things u hate

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  12. Did you wash that
    No ok

    A few minutes later
    Hey did you wash that
    No lol

  13. She didn't wash the scoop or the knife LOL

  14. The pointy watermelon tool was to cut shapes

  15. Wait…. is no one going to acknowledge that the sandwich-tube (tube-sandwich?) was from Origami Yoda?

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