DIY Life Hacks! 10 Life Hacks Using Clear Nail Polish!

DIY Life Hacks! In today’s nail polish video, we’re sharing 10 DIY life hacks that you can do just by using clear nail polish! Make your life easier with these DIY life hacks 🙂 Who knew clear nail polish could be used for so many little things? We hope you enjoy this DIY life hacks video!


  1. The pic of wallpaper was unique

  2. Great hacks! There were some I hadn't even heard of!

  3. OMG sooooooo cool love you ???????????????

  4. Hack number 3 is kinda useless and time-consuming since you can just lick the thread and it works just as well.

  5. Aw man I came for the thumbnail

  6. You can fix dull spots on patent leather with clear polish as well. I use clear polish to keep my jewelry I'm allergic to from irritating my skin. You can also fix dulled plastic jewelry.

  7. Cute nail polish
    I'm your new subscriber ?

  8. I used clear nail polish on my cheap earrings so they won't get me an infekshen


  10. Amazing hacks …. I'll try all of these …. <3…

  11. Is clear polish like a top coat ;-;

  12. I'm not gonna lie I will be using it for seeling envelopes. It's bout to make my life so much easier. Thanks ?

  13. Wait…. isn’t nail polish flammable?! I wouldn’t recommend putting that on the end of a match…

  14. time to paint all my rings! I never thought about using clear polish. I hate that green line.

  15. I have never managed to keep a bobby-pin that long.

  16. I thought NYC makeup diE cuz I don't see in store. Like hard candy isn't popular, too

  17. What is the pink polish you are wearing? I love it! I've been looking for a good light pink!

  18. Damn it! Really wish I'd seen this before I forgot what all the plants in the garden were! Sigh…I guess there's always next year. LOL!

  19. I can't believe you forgot one of the best! Stopping a tight rip from spreading.

  20. I'm pretty sure I've done nearly every one of these. Never had the need to use it on a salt shaker or a letter, but using polish on thread is absolutely amazing.
    Use it to seal knots in jewelry or embroidery, it'll keep it from fraying or untying and is perfect to give longevity to your work.
    I also use clear polish as a sort of glue when I'm trying to wrap a gemstone in clear thread like fishing line to hang it. The nail polish will adhere to the string and seal it smoothly to the gemstone, and it doesn't peel off like glue so it's durable. Use it all the time when I don't feel like drilling into a stone to string it up!

  21. I think I'll try all of them!

  22. The envelope sealing one is great! My daughter is allergic to that adhesive and sponges make the envelopes too wet..she will love this one for sure!! <3<3

  23. This was great! Learned quite a bit. Who won the contest?

  24. could you do a tools videos please?

  25. I'm a big fan of cheap costume jewelry, coat a piece completely in clear nail polish and it will last a lot longer.

  26. Ive been doing the ring/clear polish hack for years!!! Love it!

  27. I will use it for matches and bobby pins ✌?Thanks

  28. What nail polish are you wearing?? It looks so gorgeous on you!

  29. Or you could just use tape to seal the envelope…..

  30. Use some but never thought of using for jewelry, thanks for the hacks!

  31. Honestly to save time you can take a wet wash cloth of water for the envolope and then with thread just lick it. The ring trick doesn’t work

  32. Ok but what nail color is Julie wearing?! ?

  33. Neddles and envelope sound great!! Thanks

  34. Great ideas I will definitely be using! Thanks!???

  35. Hi wow awesome??thank you for sharing?

  36. I have one of those marshmallow coats ? with the down feathers in it and ive had a couple of small holes ripped in it and i just put a tiny drop of clear polish over it and no more loose feathers flying around while your trying to drive!! Also works on feather down pillows

  37. i always love cutepolishes vidoes!

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