DIY Nail Workshop – Acrylic Application

Suzie demonstrates how to Apply Acrylic, and make the perfect ‘bead’, as well as how to avoid common problems while learning the proper Application Technique.

If you are interested in purchasing Suzie’s new kit, and would like to support her channel, check out her new online store: HERE


  1. Hey Suzie! Love your videos!! I've been watching them for 2 days straight! I'm a beginner that has been doing my own glue on nails wanting to switch to acrylic. What is a good beginner line?

  2. Just the tip ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  3. To practice how do you purchase a fake finger I need one to practice.


  5. Hey when will your store be up? I want one of your kits!!

  6. I clicked on the link to purchase the kit but it says it is not open yet and I will get an email when it is. Can anyone tell me at least how much the kit is please ❤

  7. Her voice makes me fall asleep ?

  8. My name is Griselda! Yasss winning!

  9. Your videos are so relaxing <3

  10. My first try i did on my self and they are pretty good


  12. What if I bite my nails and my cuticles are very sensitive how would the nail that is being put on stay on for a long time

  13. This video is awesome! how much is your kit?

  14. Can't get on the side she is selling the kit 🙁 does anyone know where I can get this?

  15. My beads keep leaving a crater or bowl of set acrylic underneath them…this is wasting my powder like crazy…and each time I go for a bead I have to stop and scrape out my powder dish. When I lift the brush, what does stay on the brush is too dry. I can't figure out why this is happening. I've used Kiss and Yichen.

  16. OMG Suzie, I just discovered your nail videos on youtube & they are fantastic!!! I have had acrylic nails for years and your videos have inspired me to try and do my own !! Thanks so much xxxx

  17. Oh cool you can get everything she has there at CVS or RITE AID for $20 from the brand called kiss !!! The whole set ! Your charging high way Robbery for that

  18. i like how you explain everything in detail . i can learn real quick .

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