DIY Nail Workshop – Hand Filing Technique

Suzie demonstrates how to sculpt and finish an Acrylic Nail with Hand Files in this step by step tutorial.

All the products used in this video are available in Suzie’s Limited Edition Professional Acrylic Starter Kit.
If you are interested in purchasing Suzie’s new kit, and would like to support her channel, check out her new online store: here


  1. For your 1 million you should do cameraman’s nails ??

  2. I love how you teach! I'm amazed by how you show how difficult it is, yet you don't say a anything even remotely close to "I can because I'm a professional", it's more of a "this is what we want". I feel like I could start any minute and I can't wait to learn from my mistakes, you're a really amazing teacher and human being, dear Suzie. Thank you for being so lovely and considerate! ♥

  3. It says that the store is not open and i want to perches the kit

  4. Thank you for this video! I’ve been searching for filing tips, this really helped!!!!

  5. I love your videos you explain everything so well and have the most calming voice you could be a nail tech and psychiatrist lol 🙂

  6. Can I get a ckit for free plz my fam Farley has money

  7. suziii thank you. wish i was as professional as you are!!!!

  8. Hi Suzie, i really enjoy your videos really very educational, How do i get your kit? i am in South Africa

  9. When is your kit coming back in stalk?

  10. You have a very lovely voice that's very motherly to listen to. Can't wait until your kit is in stock!

  11. Hey sweetie how do u keep ur long nails out of the way?


  13. In school Acrylic application was a violent process. That was my first experience with acrylic and I hated it. Many cuts from files and run around infections from cutting off the cuticle with nippers. (on students not clients) I never thought to file my file edge down!

  14. pause or his finger

    I appreciate you

  15. Great tip with the scoring. Just sliced my finger yesterday. Hehe

  16. Suzie! I love your channel! I've only recently gotten into doing my nails because I play guitar, and I would always keep them short and ignore them. You've inspired me to follow this career path that I had never really considered before watching your videos, it just feels like it will be a perfect fit for me. I couldn't be more excited to start practicing and learning this art. I hope I can get my hands on one of your kits in the near future… I just really wanted to say thank you for doing what you do!

  17. Suize where do u get your led light

  18. how do you remove the acrylic nail when you are using a plastic finger? can you use tips on that as well?

  19. Would love to be one of your student

  20. do you have any video how to remove gel or acrylic with filing correctly and fast? I'd really like to see a video 🙂

  21. WACTH YOR VIDEOS EVERYDAY!!!!!! love you sorry if I said it again.

  22. who has got tips and you did not realize how long they are and then you have to hand file them without a drill like in Suzie videos, and sometimes the drills are some much money if you are not a professional nail tech and you get it for free

  23. I love you videos I am 11 by the way and I do my nails and do tips and file them to

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