DIY Nail Workshop – How to Apply A Nail Form

Applying Nail Forms is the Crucial Foundation for your Nail Enhancement. Suzie explains in detail how to place forms correctly.

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Have Fun!
Nail Career Education Inc.


  1. I love how you say : "pull that natural nail out", (would sound odd out if context ??? )but really gets your point across!!! Thank you ???

  2. Will you be doing more diy nail workshop videos?!

  3. Where do I buy these forms? @nailcareereducation

  4. Can you tell us where to get all the nail stuff from

  5. I cant use tips my nails curve too much I have to get forms??

  6. Crystal clear! And not all nail tech instructors teach properly! Thanks!

  7. Thankyou for doing this DIY series because i've always wanted to do nails on myself and others. I did try the kiss products but those weren't that great. I tried in 7th grade to do my nails but I didn't know what I was doing ad 8 was a perfectionist so I ripped them all off

  8. where can i just buy the nail forms on ur site?

  9. Is it true that when using acrylic nails the natural nail is sensitive? If you use a nail form to make nail is it also going to make the natural nail sensitive?

  10. Hi Suzie watching your videos inspired me to do my own nails! You are so amazing I find all of your videos extremely informative and helpful. I am having a hard time finding nail forms that fit my thumb. Its somewhat larger than normal and I find it hard to sculpt on my thumb nail when the form doesnt fit properly. Do you have any brand suggestions I should try? Exclusive nail couture forms are my fave but they are too tiny for my thumb 🙁

  11. So when your doing a form for the whole hand do you put the form on all the fingers or one at a time

  12. all I need is forms I can't find it at any of my shops

  13. Where do you buy your forms? I can't find decent forms anywhere

  14. i found the reusable forms online and wanted to know what you thought of them. whether you've heard about them or ever used them before. please and thank you!

  15. Love this channel plz like this if u think I should turn my YouTube acc to a nail account ❤️?

  16. where can i buy these forms separately

  17. This video was uploaded when I was in the airport going on vacation.

  18. Suzi – I would love to purchase a lot however they are always sold out. when well they be available again please?

  19. Hi Suzie, this just occurred to me, when you are fitting the form on a crooked finger, do you fit it so that the nail extension will be straight for the nail/finger, or straight compared to the rest of your fingers?

  20. Thank you for this educating video

  21. I love how she just throws stuff to the side in the floor ??

  22. First of all, really nice videos you're making! 🙂
    I have bitten my nails for many years and i want to stop. I have got my nails done a couple of times by some pros, but it's so expensive. Therefore i have decided to buy some stuff home, so i can learn it myself. But my question is, would you recommend beginners to start with gel or acrylic?

  23. Where can I buy more of these forms separately?

  24. i feel like im the only person who is here for suzie 99.9% of the comments are about jenna…. its kinda annoying

  25. Would it make sense to use these forms only for the purpose of painting the edge (tip) of your natural nail? I am not interested in doing extensions, but I have been doing my own gel nail polish, and it is difficult to keep from painting the skin because I only have about 1/16th inch of growth on my nails. I actually like shorter nails, but painting the free edge (I think that is what they call it) is a bit difficult.

  26. You know that moment when you want to watch one video about something and you end up going on that person's channel and watch a lot of their videos until you need to go and do something else like sleep or go to school or work………that's me right now……… ??

  27. Thank you for this video. Very informative.

  28. Lol it always hit me but idc lol I think as it as security lock in place

  29. Where is your shop can you do a q and a

  30. do you use the same oil at the end of buffing that you use before even laying in the acrylic?!

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