DIY Shattered Glass Nails [Korea Trend]

In today’s DIY nail tutorial, we’re looking at the hottest trend in the nail art world right now: Shattered Glass Nails

This nail art design originates from South Korea and it’s absolutely stunning! It’s really easy to recreate and looks so gorgeous on. You won’t be able to stop staring at your nails πŸ™‚

Love you all so much


  1. Who only watches nail diys tutorials but never does them

  2. "I'm using this nail polish by Orly,"
    "O rly?"

  3. I came here because I heard this trend was fron Korea and I am Korean?

  4. kdrama a d kpop fan are going crazy believe me im going crazy

  5. love you and your nail designs! Keep at it:-) :-*


  7. I just did this today but mine dont look like yours they look all emerald green, not clear-like, like yours do. So they just look like emerald green shards not glass shards πŸ™ Im wondering if I did something wrong. Did anyone else experience this?

  8. what is the Korean means In the thunbnail

  9. I have got a new polish which is glow in the dark would that work

  10. I'm korean!!!! I appreciate for trying this out!!!

  11. What is the real glass made out of in Korea???????????????

  12. unicorn skins ;3;

  13. oh yay!! its from λ‹¬λ €λΌμΉ˜ν‚¨. i know because im korean..

  14. you know how is is called cutepolish your nails styles are cute

  15. UNICORN SKIN!!!!!!!!!❀❀?

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