DIY Slime Life Hacks! 12 WEIRD Ways to Use Slime + Testing Recipes!

DIY Slime Life Hacks You’ve Never SEEN Before! I’ll show you how to make trendy & easy slime recipes with simple ingredients.

DIY Slime Life Hacks You’ve Never SEEN Before! I’ll show you how to make trendy & easy slime recipes with simple ingredients.

Today I am showing you my top 12 uses for slime you’ve never seen before! Learn how to make slime without glue, borax and simple 2 ingredient slimes perfect for fun DIY projects for kids or teenagers.

I love to simplify my life so of course I had to include a bunch of fun slime recipes like fluffy slime, slime without glue and fun diy projects with slime. Together we’ll be testing viral slime recipes.

DIY Shoe Hacks! As a girl I always find myself wearing uncomfortable shoes. This life hack is one that every girl should know. I will teach you how to make your shoes more comfortable with putty slime. Simply add putty into a portioned bag and slip that into your shoes. This will feel like your walking on clouds. This is a perfect school hack or prom hack in case you’re wearing uncomfortable shoes.

DIY Slime Pillow! Have you ever heard of a slime pillow?! I bet you’ve never seen this weird life hack before. Use this life hack and make the best fluffy slime out there. Add this colorful slime into your pillow and ta-dah you have just created the best sleep hack out there!

DIY Liquid Glass Putty for Walls?! If your papers or post it notes are not sticking on the wall I am teaching you how to recreate Crazy Aaron’s amazing putty! This will only require two simple ingredients, borax and glue! It’s super fun to play with and will act as moldable tape.
DIY Slime Pencil Grips! This is an awesome school hack that will help fade the pain away if you’ve been writing for too long. This slime recipe is simple, cheap and works! Try it out and share these colorful DIY slime pencil grips with all your friends at school.

DIY Slime Stress Reliever! If you’re currently stressed here is a DIY life hack with slime to help you. We are making aromatherapy slime! Add a couple drops of essential oils to the fluffy slime or any viral slime that you like and put this into a container. Take this out at school or anytime you are doing work and become stressed. The aroma in the slime will help you relax. Get creative and make a fun slime stress ball out of this.

DIY Face Mask! Here is an awesome morning routine life hack you could use. I will teach you how to make a DIY Rainbow Slime Mask that will instantly help wake you up. You can mix your favorite face wash into this simple slime recipe and get ready for a day full of energy.

DIY Slime Teeth Whitening! This is a simple Life Hack for teeth whitening that everyone should know! This slime recipe is guaranteed to whiten your teeth in 2 minutes! Click here to watch how:

DIY Nail Polish Removing Slime! Say whaaa? I tested out this crazy weird nail hack and the results are impressive. Click here to watch how:

DIY Desk Pen Holder! An epic life hack for all of you wanting organization hacks for your room or desk is taking fluffy slime and creating a desk pen holder.

DIY Slime Hair Bleach! This has got to be one of my favorite slime hacks out there! If you’ve ever been self-conscious about hairy arms or legs this hair hack will help you out! I am teaching you how to lighten your arm hair with SLIME!

DIY Bubble Gum Slime! Hmm I love gum! But I hate sharing it lol This life hack will especially help you if your in school. Learn how to make realistic bubble gum and prank your friends into thinking you have none.