DIY: Snowflake Nail Art Hack!

In this video, DIY Nail Hack every Girl NEEDS to know, you’ll learn an easy and simple way to create a nail stencil/vinyl in just seconds! It makes nail art so much easier!

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  2. There was 666 likes…im the 667… mwhahahhah

  3. If you use nail polish do you still need to spray your nails with hair spray??

  4. This is AWESOME I haven't ever seen this hack before. Good job?? Keep it up!

  5. omg your videos are the best I can't stop watching them they are just so helpful in life ????but first I need to learn how to make patterns on paper???

  6. she has mehendi imean henna on

  7. amazing video

  8. do you have henna on your hand because it is beautiful

  9. fun video and very useful…. thanks for sharing such an amazing idea…..

  10. I'd think using the sticky part of a post it note or maybe address label? then it would be more secure.

  11. Then simply peel like no big deal

  12. You're so good at nail hacks!!!

  13. those patterns are so beautiful

  14. This is amazing! So trying this!!!!!!

  15. Did you apply clear polish to seal the eyeshadow or something?

  16. Great video. Love how authentic tribal looking these stencils look. You made this so easy, and I have tons of old eye shadow. BTW, this is so on trend for fall 2016 🙂

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