Diy Tumblr Inspired FESTIVAL Clothes + Accessories


  1. festival clothes makes me feel so pretty

  2. My Fav Is The Sunglasses One I'm Gonna Do That So During The Summer I Can Just Wear Them To Spice Up My Outfit ?

  3. You look so pretty Nicoletta❤️???❣??????????♥️

  4. If you wash the shorts will the flowers come off? btw really loved the easy diys pleaseee do moreee.

  5. nice!! I'm from JAPAN???
    Please do your best?

  6. Oh yes! I remember Lasenza Girl! that was my favourite store when I was a little girl! And absolutely love your hair colour! I want to get something like that for my hair this summer.

  7. Oh my gosh, everything is too cute! Love it <3

  8. I love those shades!!!! I am so obsessed with your editing it is perfect!!!!!! I am so happy for you on all your success on your channel!!! You goo girl!!!

  9. She kinda looks like Alisha Marie

  10. I love all of your videos ????

  11. yay I really love the video:-)♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  12. Congrats on 70k!! Amazing video ❤️❤️

  13. You are just the cutest thing!!! I know it might be a long shot but I would loveeeee to collaborate with you on a video!! ???

  14. Ahh girl congrats! Teach me your ways ??? Just kidding ? Love this video! I'm going to New York next month and I always want to "theme" my outfits to make it easier for packing and this just gave me great inspiration!

  15. YASSSS so much love. Seriously, these DIYs are too cute for words. Great job girl! ❤
    BTW I love the pink flower crown on you in the intro and outro, you look gorgeous! (as always) 😀

  16. You look so flipping good with reddish hair and that headband !

  17. Any small youtubers that want to support eachother? You sub to me I will sub to you! Comment when you have subscribed to me?

  18. they work great outfit ideas ☺

  19. I loved this video. ❤️Congrats on 70,000 subscribers. Love you.

  20. Congrats on the 70k and you've worked SO HARD and I just wanna tell you never give up on ANY of your dreams and your beautiful?

  21. this video was so cute, love you nicoletta and congrats on 70k subbiessss, you deserve it so so so much ?

  22. WOAHHHHHHH THIS WAS SOOOO GOOD!!!! You seriously slay!!!!!??????????

  23. OMG your diys were stunning and super cut.???love you

  24. Girl you're going to hit 100k SOOON ?? so proud of youuuu (:

  25. waou !!! beautiful video girl !

  26. Congrats 70,000 subscribers. Keep on working hard

  27. Also lasenza girl was my fave childhood store ?


  29. Who Came from Nichole's channel?!!??! Welcome to the FAM JAM!!
    PS we just hit 70,000 Nicolette's I just wanted to say thank you ! I can't even believe it that is so crazy to me thank you for being the best and more supportive Nicolette's EVER! LOVE YOU ALL

  30. Can I get likes on my comment for no reason?

  31. WOOOO CONGRATS ON 70k!!!! So close to 100k, love you lots babe ? xoxo

  32. ?I love that first dress! Congrats on getting 70k! BIG HUGS!??

  33. I love it great job!!! You're so creative and pretty

  34. love festival season!!!!

  35. You diserve LOAAAAATSSSS more suscribers,do you agree ????

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