HIII my beauties 🙂 Today I am back with a DIY for you guys!!

When I saw this idea on instagram a few weeks ago I started
hoarding mens socks LOL! I was so excited to film this today
for you guys. I ended up at like 5 stores because I was in
search for a pair of khaki socks! I hope you guys enjoy this video!
OBVIOUSLY these aren’t going to be the best quality 😉 Just a
fun DIY!! I am filming again for you guys tomorrow!! LOVE
YOU!!! XOXO Carli

**I originally saw this idea on @thenuvogue instagram page!
She is so talented 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration gorgeous!**

*IF you don’t want to risk ruining your floors, you can try instead of sandpaper!! I walked on my wood floor and didn’t scratch it 🙂

CVS, Marshall’s, Forever21 & Old Navy

Pumps: Nine West & Christian Louboutin
Surprisingly my only pair of light pumps! Any pair will do 🙂

Hot Glue Gun & Sandpaper: Michaels craft supplies

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  1. where did you get the pink corduroy looking leggings from? super cute

  2. it doesn't look that back tbh she can work it

  3. Can you do a diy over the knee socks heels?

  4. These would be really cool with those knee high basketball? baseball? socks. Or it would be a super easy and cheap way to make some thigh high boots.

  5. WHERE IS THAT MIRROR FROM?? the white one i need to know so bad???

  6. Lmfao yeah I'm just wearing them around the house ? love you though

  7. As a guy tbh they'd actually pop a woody in my pants

  8. I super love it!!! WoW!!! 😀 <3 gonna try for sure thanks!

  9. r.i.p to anyones floor she be draging her shoes on

  10. Im just here to look at her adorable feet ?

  11. looks strange and stupid.but I think it is just a joke

  12. Just buy the damn shoes guys lol

  13. this is actually pretty cute…

  14. nobody is coming into my house with fkn sandpaper shoes on, go ruin your own floors lol

  15. That is really the ugliest trend I've ever seen.

  16. i just want to know where i can get those leggings

  17. What is that pink body suit called

  18. hun let me be ur friend. just go buy a pair of boots cause this is the bumbest thing ive ever seen in my life!!!

  19. What the heck, I watched 2016 trends that must die I needed to see what it was funny.

  20. Am I the only one who cringed when she glued sand paper on the bottom of the shoes? Isn't that going to ruin the floor?

  21. i cringed when she said "add sand paper" ?

  22. Carli are you fu*king kidding me?!??

  23. What happens when you're out walking around and the bottom part of the sock gets a hole? Do you carry a back up pair of socks? lol

  24. This is cute but instead of doing this you should probably just buy shoes that look like this instead. Lots of stores are selling them in the mall for cheap.

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