Do This Every Morning to Look As Young As 18

Here’s the simple secret on how to look much younger. You have all the ingredients you need at home: keep your skin looking young and healthy with these natural home remedies! Bright Side has found a solution for you, 10 solutions to be exact. Here’s a list of 10 DIY beauty treatments to reverse the hands of time.

You can find hundreds of anti-aging beauty products at any grocery store and even more of them online. Their manufacturers guarantee masks, cleansers, and creams that are “100% natural”, “super-effective” and even “magical”. But can you really trust them? When manufacturers produce goods in mass quantities, it makes sense that they want to turn a profit. So, they add preservatives and chemicals that take down production cost but also make these products not exactly 100% natural.

Coffee and Milk Mask 0:47
Vitamin Bomb Mask 2:46
Strawberry and Egg White Face Mask 3:45
Cocoa-Coconut Mask 4:41
Avocado and Olive Oil Mask 5:54
Rice Milk Cleanser 6:52

– Many cosmetics companies actually use coffee in their products. It can help thicken your hair, get rid of cellulite, tone your skin and stimulate your metabolism. Milk, the second main ingredient of this amazing mask, is also a superhero when it comes to saving you from the aging process. It exfoliates and moisturizes the skin.
– Flaxseed, the main ingredient in this mask, will give your skin the tone and hydration it needs. Flaxseed is rich in fatty acids, and it stimulates oil production in your body. It makes your skin soft and protects it from environmental irritants like dust and air pollution. It also locks moisture into the skin.
– “Vitamins are important for your health! Take your vitamins! Are you sure you’re getting enough vitamins?” We hate to admit it, but Mom’s right! So why not listen to her for once and give your skin the vitamin treatment it needs? In this mask, you’ll be getting vitamins A, B and C from apricots, which will help make the skin more elastic. Our other ingredient, bananas, is rich in Vitamins C and B6, which will give your skin a healthy glow.
– Strawberries contain the antioxidant ellagic acid. It boosts collagen production, which, in turn, fades fine lines and wrinkles. Egg white, the second ingredient in this mask, is also good for skin rejuvenation and firming. All you need are 3-4 strawberries and 1 egg.
– Cocoa and coconut are an anti-aging dream team when combined with yogurt to make a soothing and exfoliating mask. Getting rid of dull dead skin cells reveals new gleaming skin. Cocoa powder also works as an antioxidant, flushing out those free radicals that attack your skin on a daily basis.
– Guacamole is made from avocado, so, obviously, avocado is an awesome fruit. Besides satisfying our taste buds, avocado also can help us in our skin care routine as it’s super rich in oleic acid and vitamin E. Both of these are great natural skin moisturizers, reviving your skin’s structure and protecting you from environmental toxins. Olive oil is also really effective when it comes to fighting off those pesky wrinkles.
– The Japanese have been using rice in their skin care for a really long time because it’s rich in vitamin E. Follow our recipe to make a natural, skin-smoothing cleanser.


  1. I would love to eat all these .this is best method for looking younger,

  2. Useful but I do not like the voice!

  3. Useful but I do not like the voice!

  4. Useful but I do not like the voice!

  5. Useful but I do not like the voice!

  6. Useful but I do not like the voice!

  7. Something for dark circles?

  8. I like the first one because it's to easy, Thank you bright side for this helpful video ??

  9. hello my mum is 37 but looks like she's 45 to 48 yrs old . admittedly , she is a very very very pretty women but has got some wrinkles which made her look older than she is. will it help her?

    and is nestle a good company

  10. I'm 13 years old but people says I must be at least 18??????????????????????

  11. Fast video ????????????????????

  12. I don't want to look 18 Im 12 only haha

  13. Sitting here with my morning cup of coffee all over my face and shirt now

  14. I don't wanna try these methods..Bcz I am only 15..I don't wanna look older???

  15. Is it bad that I'm 18 and I watch this because I want to look 18 again?

  16. Oatmeal and yoghurt ,
    Coffee and egg white are the best 2 masks

  17. Any coffee or there is a specific coffee

  18. I'm 38 but looks 25 .I'm grateful to God

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  20. To be honest – none of this will actually work. I've tested them all and only tips that actually work are from guide on
    P.S Don't be afraid to try them they are all home remedies

  21. I'm 13, can I try it?

  22. Can I preserve theses pastes in the fridge? Or do I have to make fresh ones every time?

  23. Yes please l agree with you in Jesus name because I like all u message God bless you more wisdom to you thank you so much God bless you

  24. Why u talk so fast
    Talk clear
    I give hadik

  25. First and 3rd and yes last one too…!!

  26. I dont want to look 18 years old cauz i just turned 13

  27. Can you use any kind of coffee

  28. "mom is right!" Shows pic of mom giving us all the finger

  29. Nah I don't need this I'm 27 but I look 16 and I'm tired of people asking me for ID when I have to go get cigarettes for my mom sometimes ugh.

  30. SO when you are eating fruits, eat half and put the rest on your face. LOL!1

  31. Im 30 with 4 children and often get told i look 18. My secret honey mask every morning and taking daily vitamin c

  32. I am 13 and l dont recomended to others becuase it will make your skin bad

  33. Aloe vera ,the gel part, rub small amont on the face is number one

  34. I'm 99999999999999999999999 years old will this help me look like 18 again ?

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