Do This For Tiny Waist and Flat Stomach: 7 Minute Workout For Sexy Hourglass Waistline!

Want to get that sexy tiny waistline? Then add this workout to your arsenal. It’s a great calorie burner and quite fun to do.Try to keep rest time as low as possible, to maximise burn.But remember diet is very critical for losing waist fat. Take action and stay consistent! 🙂


  1. Going to try this along with other workouts and healthy diet for 1 month. New year new goals!

  2. I'm the real nvp rn jkjk
    My third day doing this work out rountine along w the small waist

    I'll do my best to be back in 2 weeks!!

  3. I started this one month ago my waist went from 27 in to 25:) going on 24 just remember to eat healthy

  4. Starting this today. Summer is coming up and I'd like to feel comfortable in a bikini standing beside my cute as friends. Im going to do this every other day for a week then progress to every day next week because I don't want to overwork myself. I'll update if I remember probs won't

  5. Will this work if I have skinny fat??

  6. hey guys ia m going to try this and update u everyday

  7. ima start this today and i’ll keep you updated every tuesday !!

  8. been doing this for 10 days results are good

  9. I'm gonna try this for a week or two along with my daily workout routine and eating healthy!

  10. Please make video on losing arm fat without dumbells!

  11. Hey guys, I will be trying this workout everyday consistently and updating up here and I'm following a healthy lifestyle and started my weight loss journey 4months ago….I was 160+ lbs and since 2 months I'm 130lbs ( I hit a plateau) and I really wanna break it!!! Stay tuned

  12. Hey Femniqe Can You Please Upload Video That (How To Get Smaller Shoulder) ?

  13. What if I can't reach my toes??????

  14. I have the same leggings wearing right now

  15. These exercises really work !!!! I have seen GREAT results already !!! I recommend this for anyone who wants to improve on their body 🙂

  16. i can't even reach my toe to do the 'cross toe touches' lmaoo

  17. fun and easy…greeaaaaat????maybe i try this next week….
    next week : eh i'll do it next week…??

    and then i wonder why people call me lazy…??
    * a month later* : okay now i mean it starting from today ill stop eating junk foods and ill be more energetic…ooh pizza came !! maybe starting from tomorrow????

  18. I'm going to try this starting today for 2 weeks! Along with clean eating.

  19. imma try this and keep yall update

  20. Finally… exercises I can physically do!!!! Thank youuuuu.

  21. Wow I used to really love this YouTube channel but I'm lazy/never consistent so I never got results … now I just waist train and still I am not getting results wow I hate this ?

  22. Video request: Exercises that transform an inverted triangle body type to hourglass. Thanks in advance❤️

  23. Request: Jawline and double chin & smaller thighs and wider hips, please 🙂

  24. I will start tomorrow and go back for a week

  25. Can you please make a video to get rid of redness?

  26. Oml I stg I luv this channel. I used it to get my summer body goals and it worked now I'm aimin for my summer glo body before school which starts in 9 days

  27. Please do a video about calf fat?

  28. Gonna do this every Thursday Friday and Saturday reply every week so I don't get lost in the comments ??.

  29. I'm going to do this for a couple of weeks and let you guys know along with eating healthier. Wish me luck!!!

  30. I want to do this but i'm too lazy oh my pizza is here going to open da door gurl??

  31. I'm going to try this thanks!!
    BTW can we have another inner and outer thigh workout plz bc all that's been posted lately is small waist and big butt which is good too

  32. i'm going to try this today starting for 2 weeks and ill come back with results


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