Do This To Grow Stubborn Glutes (Faster GAINS) | Quick 5 Minute Glute Activation Exercises!

Adding this one step to your workout sequence can supercharge your gains. This guide dives deep into GA – Glute activation is something you should always do before hitting the glutes with resistance training.

You can considered as a warm-up for your glutes. Most people suffer from dormant glutes therefore it’s harder for them to activate it during a butt workout session. But you’re in luck today as you can use this 5 minute glute activation workout to wake up your glutes. Adding this 5-minute glute activator to your butt workout session will take your training to next level.


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  2. Please make another thicker thighs and wider hips video?

  3. I've done your exercises for two weeks and I really see results. But now I don't feel the exercises anymore so I guess I should try with weights from now on.
    I will do this one right now so hopefully I feel the burn

  4. Guys I tried this and after the first couple of weeks I saw progress!! This Is Why I Trust Femniques Videos❤

  5. I have a butt but it’s small and it won’t get bigger no matter how many times I do squats .. any tips?

  6. Hi, love your channel! Can you do one on scoliosis if it isnt too much of a bother

  7. I was just looking for new glute activation exercises, this is perfect ??

  8. You are the best for your workout moves are inspiring femniqe PLEAES do slim leg WORKOUT

  9. Good luck to whoever is doing these tips.

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