Does Acrylic or Gel Ruin Your Nails?

Many viewers have asked whether Acrylic or Gel Enhancements Ruin your natural nails. Suzie brings in scientist Doug Schoon to answer this question.

Doug Schoon’s company: Schoon Scientific & Regulatory Consulting provides technological and regulatory expertise to the beauty, cosmetic and personal care industry.

His latest publication: is a new book called ‘Face-to-Face With Doug Schoon’, and Suzie highly recommends it to Nail Techs, and Nail Enthusiasts. You can pick up the book ‘Face-to-Face With Doug Schoon’ using the links below:


  1. So when I got Aryclic nails at this salon I removed it myself but I did it completely wrong. And I ripped them off and forced them off and no my nails all have this dent like in them

  2. Susie I love you videos!! you sound so intelligent and you know what you are talking about but not bragging at all! love your videos! i must subscribe you!!! <3

  3. I know this video is a bit old, but what about infections on the nail because of acrylic? is this because of bad application and non clean instruments used?

  4. I know Wal-Mart techs get a lot of bad comments but they do the soaking method. They are wonderful at removing nails. They also remove nails they didn't do and they don't cost an arm and a leg! But now I know they are doing it right!! Thank you!!!

  5. I love love love love love this video this was so insightful I've wondered this question since I was about 16 and I'm 30 now

  6. its on how u use it and how much u use it

  7. My mom won't let me do acrylics at home anymore because it is "bad for my health", she's literally taking my only hobby away from me. What should I do?

  8. Hello lovely. I'm new to your channel. I really want to grow my nail out. I have bridle nail to begin with. Any suggestions or tips???

  9. The people who disliked had their phone upside down

  10. can you make nail with tea bags plz ???

  11. The nail shop i went to remove my shellac nails and the guy used nail drill on my nails and thats so painful and my nails became really thin and so weak .. afterward i not able to open a can drink and grab something hard and it took me few months to go back to original nails

  12. So what. Your nails grow back in a week of getting them removed. Get over it.

  13. My acrylic nails were pried off> I will not be going back to that salon. Any advice on how to get my nails healthy again?

  14. First time I ever got my nails done with acrylic, they removed them the few weeks later by sticking another tip underneath and PRYING it off…. until now I thought that was normal and okay, and I was being a wimp! Now I know never to go to a salon where they do that.

  15. Where do u live I want u to do my nails

  16. Yes they do ??sorry but acetone also bad for the nail

  17. Sorry but a masters degree in chemistry is not a valid qualification for this information. it's a fact that it does cause damage. You are not an impartial source of information, regarding acrylic nails. Leaving your skin in acetone is not good for you.

  18. Thank you so much for sharing this.

  19. Thnk u Suzie & Doug !! <3

  20. i have had in the past fake nails and it has destroyed my natural nails…DONT DO IT!!!!

  21. Could you do a video on acrylic nail removal? Also on fills?

  22. I once had a friend take a small literal hardware nail pry off my acrylics after soaking them in acetone for like 5 minutes

  23. I feel like all the people who disliked this video are blind and meant to hit the like button

  24. I don't know why but to me this reminds me of those ending scene from magic school bus

  25. Yes they do, stop telling lies. Regardless amount of damage, it does little to a lot of damage to the nails. Careful and proper techniques only reduce it to minimum.

  26. Suzie, thanks for your continued stellar work in educating all of us on all things related to nails.

  27. Nail salons in Brisbane uses the method of wedging nails and it is painful

  28. Hi there i am so ? my monomer has hardened an i dont know why or how how can i recover it to use it

  29. Can the uv lamp for gel cause more hand wrinkles overtime??

  30. Good thing my nail salon sokes acrilic nails and gels!lol

  31. Uh, no. The enhancements themselves will not cause damage to natural nails so long as they are prepared, maintains, and removed properly.

  32. Time is money which is the reason why they rush you, they gotta justify low prices somehow.

  33. This really helped! I just started wearing fake nails and i was doing everything wrong! I guess thats why my nails are paper thin

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