Does Green Tea Help You Lose Weight?


So you heard from someone that green tea can help you lose weight and you decided to look it up on the Internet?

And here you are.

You think to yourself: “Hmm… If I could just drink few cups of green tea a day, while sitting on my ass, I could actually lose some weight!”

Is that possible? Does green tea really can help you lose weight?

Well as always, there is no easy answer. Answer is both – yes and no.

And here is why:

As you should know by now, Internet is a big place filled with all kinds of information, both true and false.

Scammy websites trying to sell you latest magic weight loss pill that “can help you lose 35 pounds in two weeks just by following this one weird trick” and flashy banner showing you women that went from being sad and fat to being skinny and happy! They also look younger sometimes.

This is why we decided to investigate this topic for you and show you only facts and nothing more.

Let’s start by one common misconception about green tea. Green tea is not made from specific type of tea leaf.

To get certain type of tea (green, white or black), tea leafs need to go trough different process!

So, green tea is just a product of one type of the tea leaf that went trough different process of drying, shaping and curing. That same tea leaf could also easily become white or black type of tea just by going trough another process.

And by going trough that process, tea gets specific properties that potentially can have health benefits.

Green Tea and General Health Benefits

There are also health benefit claims that suggest that green tea can have positive impact on preventing certain types of cancer and also help with preventing hearth disease.

You see, tea in general contains catechins which are certain type of antioxidant, which is result of tea preparation that we talked about.

Fact is that green tea have highest concentration of that type antioxidant and it is proved that people who eat food that is rich in antioxidants have lower risk of hearth disease!

Knowing that, we can safely conclude that green tea really have some health benefits due to its antioxidant nature!

Green Tea and Positive Effects on the Brain

There are also claims that green tea can help you improve cognition and make you smarter.

Are those claims true? It looks like they really are!

Green tea is also rich with substance called L-Theanine,   which has shown that can induce changes in alpha waves in your brain!

It is proven that green tea can help you reduce mental stress, improve mood and cognition!

So if you’re working at the stressful job or you are studying  hard, try replacing your coffee with green tea. It is proven that caffeine and L-Theanine have synergistic effect.

Try it out and you may be surprised by the results!

Green Tea and Weight Loss

But what about weight loss!? Are there any trails that prove weight loss benefits of green tea?

By now, we found out that green tea can help you with prevention of hearth disease and we know that it improves your mental performance, but does it have any effects on weight loss?

Dr. Stephen Pratt, who wrote book called “The Superfoods Rx” claims that tea can help your body to block apportion of fat!

Green tea also contains caffeine. As we know, caffeine is stimulant that can help you be more active and push harder.

On the other hand, there are studies that claims that green tea doesn’t have any significant effects on a weight loss, but it can be used as preventative tool for obesity!

How exactly green tea can help with obesity?

Some studies have shown that green tea combined with guarana can actually help you with burning fat. There was 14 subject participating in this study and result shown that average energy burning was increased by 750 kJ.

There was also other studies that did not get positive results with similar testing.

So, as we already said, there is no right answer.

Some studies claims that  there are significant health and weight loss benefits and other studies say that benefits are low or non existent.

That only means that results are different for every individual and general assumptions about weight loss benefits of green tea can’t be made.


Unfortunately, green tea, like any other plant or pill, can’t be used as a magic solution for weight loss!

As we learned, green tea has some health benefits and by combining green tea and proper diet with exercising, you can actually lose some weight!

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