Donald Trump Hair Tutorial

This is a quick tutorial on trumping, or how to do Donald Trump’s hairstyle on long hair. It’s perfect for your Halloween costume!

I didn’t want to make any political statements within the video, but for the record: the racist comments he has made are deplorable. His comments on women absolutely ridiculous. I’m not going to be voting for him. This was a video meant for fun, and for making fun of his hair. Hope you enjoyed it that way! 🙂

This was a funny costume idea to me! I was looking at lists of 2015 popular costumes to get ideas for halloween hair tutorials. I saw Donald Trump on the list of popular halloween ideas and thought “nah, I can’t do that.” And then I wondered, “What if I could?” This hairstyle tutorial is the result!

★What I Used:★

★What I’m wearing:★

  • Blazer: Target
  • Shirt and Tie: my husband’s closet
  • Nails: Vana by Julep


  1. Who tha f wants donald trump haircut????

  2. Who else is a boy watching this and is not able to do this because of the lack of short hair?

  3. So…donald trump really is funny valentine.

  4. Love this!! But what happened to your Hillary Clinton video?! Need the bob for a Halloween party tonight ?

  5. Wow, there’s a lot of Trump supporters on here!

  6. I will dress up as Trump for Halloween (my friend will dress up as Merkel)
    Thanks a lot 😀

  7. jeez…u still are beautiful….

  8. Just lost a subscriber, and I will not watch your videos anymore. I do not want politics from beauty youtubers.

  9. are you mad or do you want a kiss?

  10. this video was hilarious I loved it!

  11. This is HYSTERICAL.. To make it EXTRA TRUMPY!!! AAahahahahahahahahahahah

  12. Shut up you loser. You will never be famous.

  13. SO LACKY IN SELF-AWARENESS!!! Hahahaha! You've made my day!

  14. I didn't choose this video so I could wear up this hair, I did it more as to understand his hair…

    Now that I finished it, it seems like too much work

  15. I love how Kayley made her face orange!!!!

  16. ??‍♀️
    What happens if you mix an orange and a clown?

  17. htf you forget the hair over the ear part!??!? what a Odyssey, really..

  18. Wow, this was uploaded before he ran for president.

  19. Go Trump!!!!! He will save this country from Obamas mess

  20. that doesn't look like him at all try again.

  21. I bet it took 3,000 years to get out the knots in her hair -_-

  22. Even women want to be him, like this one. No wonder they loved him so much, that they voted him to the highest office of USA.

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