Dots and Bows on Short Nails – Nail Art

Suzie creates a cute Nail Art Design featuring bow-shaped jewels over Dots, perfect for short nails.

0:18 Suzie is wearing short nails
0:24 Black Polish Base Coat with Blue Accent Nail
0:32 Airbrush Ink
1:05 Use Dotting Tool to paint quilted pattern
2:41 Clean paint off Dotting Tool
3:29 Painting your non-dominant hand
5:09 Clear Top Coat
6:50 Choosing the Jewel to use in this design
7:22 Use Sculpting Gel to secure the Jewels
8:09 Place the Jewel onto the Sculpting Gel
8:35 Cure the Gel
9:22 Finished Design Real Photo’s


  1. i dont think your nails are short their realy pretty

  2. I find it easier to get the dress then paint to go with it

  3. Suzie do you have any brown or deep red polishes?

  4. Please can you make a video explaining the different types of gel and what they are for. E.g. Sculpture, builder, foundation, soak off, non-soak off. It is all quite confusing. Thank you x

  5. I really loved this as a person with short nails. Really good look for Easter.

  6. its nice to see Suzie doing both hands 🙂

  7. OMG! Ok so I've only been doing nail art for about 2 years, but I used to go ok google and look up nail art to get ideas and then I'd go on YouTube to figure out how to do it. Since the first day I've been doing this I always saw these on google and I even did them not knowing it was you! I started watching your videos a month ago!

  8. Will u do a design on grants actual nails

  9. between you and Cristian from simply nailogical I'm going broke from all the polish I've been getting. I need a shelf, I've never needed a shelf before.

  10. you should try acrylic nails with your eyes closed

  11. I love this! Something about white polka dots, on any color really, just has a vintage feel to me. Especially against black or red. These turned out so pretty! 🙂

  12. Also if you don't have a big enough dotting tool or whatever you are using, just let the paint dry on the tip…So it forms a ball.

  13. Hey Suzie, I made an attempt at aquarium nails. I made a couple of mistakes and was wondering if you have a video on teaching the proper technique on how to do them. Thanks

  14. I love your nils they are sooo pretty how you can do your nails on your nils

  15. You have a different curing light all the time. Do you have a favorite LED light?

  16. That is sooooooooo coooooooool

  17. Isnt putting ur hand under a ultraviolet rays (UV RAYS LIGHT) damage the skin

  18. hi what is the name of the nail curer in that video? i wanted to get one myself

  19. Susie you give me such a good vibe! Your so optimistic and cheerful! And don't forget your Beautiful!??

  20. my life would be sad without your videos and your tips , you are amaizing ! thank you !

  21. What state do u live in. Cause I want you to do my nails?

  22. Have you ever gotten your nails done in a salon????? Ily

  23. I am very allergic to ultra violet light can I use led light?

  24. They are short compared to the nails Susie usually wears but for natrual nails their pretty long I can grow my nails to about that length if I take really good care of them but not much longer

  25. We clearly need education on how to glue bows on your nails and putting dots on your hands. Great.

  26. When I do my own nails I start with the hand I'm not good at so that I'm not so use to useing my good hand it helps some

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