Dots and Bows on Short Nails – Nail Art

Suzie creates a cute Nail Art Design featuring bow-shaped jewels over Dots, perfect for short nails.

0:18 Suzie is wearing short nails
0:24 Black Polish Base Coat with Blue Accent Nail
0:32 Airbrush Ink
1:05 Use Dotting Tool to paint quilted pattern
2:41 Clean paint off Dotting Tool
3:29 Painting your non-dominant hand
5:09 Clear Top Coat
6:50 Choosing the Jewel to use in this design
7:22 Use Sculpting Gel to secure the Jewels
8:09 Place the Jewel onto the Sculpting Gel
8:35 Cure the Gel
9:22 Finished Design Real Photo’s