Dotticure Nail Art!

A fun, dotticure nail art design! In today’s nail tutorial, I’m going to be showing you how to create this easy and intricate looking nail art design by just using dots! Yup, this nail art design can be created with just a toothpick. Pretty cool, huh?


  1. Is she a professional manicurist? If not she should be! If she opened her own salon I'd go!!!! ????

  2. +cutepolish you make the most prettiest nail designs!

  3. Cute polish you should do PUPPY NAILS thank you

  4. Are You using a small, medium or a big dottiningtool, because i dont heve toothpicks

  5. you should make nails of graduation!

  6. Do a peace sign nail tutorial

  7. YOU CRAZY!…….I like it.

  8. I'm literally obsessed with Polish Blast right now.

  9. your amazing! i got here from promises video, you just got a new subscriber!! <3

  10. I wish my nails looked as perfect as yours?

  11. WoW. Saludos desde mi México querido.

  12. I'm so annoyed I don't live in America or Canada because their is no Sephora ????????

  13. Cutepolish I have you App Polish blast

  14. make a video on where you get all ur nail polishes

  15. You uploaded this on my birthday!

  16. Death Note manicure? Attack on Titan? Fairy Tail?

    Pls… Do it for the anime/manga nerds…

  17. The dark red obsessed polish looks so much like black to me. Being color blind sucks

  18. Formula x isn't only found at sephora I found it at Ross

  19. LOL Mine did not come out like this

  20. This is cute i just dont have the patience

  21. como te sale tan bien los diseños de las uñas eres unica

  22. Why not try some of julie g's designs and.  Do the cosmopolitan and sparkly party.  They're really good and you can make them any colors you want. 

  23. Could you do a Finding Nemo inspired look?

  24. lol i just purchased a formula x nail starter kit with the cleanser, base coat, top coat and the obsessed color i love it so much and my nails haven't felt this strong in a long time. 

  25. Can you make more videos for short nails I have the bad habit of biteing mine but I still love you videos no matter what

  26. Hi!
    We're Mika and Sophie. We just started our channel and posted a couple of videos. We're gonna post DIY's, beauty videos, nail arts and much more. We would love it if you checked it out:)

  27. I love these. Great job! You make it look effortless, lol. =)

  28. What is your favorite color to youse wen it comes to nail art

  29. Luv your videos!XoXo thx for making awesome vids!♥♥♥♥♡♡♡♡°+°

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