Double Knot Half Updo for Straight and Curly Hair!

Today’s hairstyle tutorial is on a double knot half updo that you can wear on straight hair and curly hair!

Finally getting to a quick and easy half up half down style. This one is great for beginners. You can wear it every day, and it’s super easy! If you have short hair, consider doing just one knot! Still very pretty!



  2. hi kayley!! I hope you see this 🙂 I would love to see a video on your favorite affordable hair masks. and even some high end ones mixed in that you think are worth the splurge. I've never tried hair masks so I would like some suggestions!! thanks 🙂

  3. Beautiful hairstyles. Can't wait to try them out. I wanted to ask you, if you could recommend me some good shine sprays? Ones that do not have too perfume-y scent.

  4. Can you accept my request ?
    Please make a video of Hermione Granger's everyday hair style and a remake video of her Yule ball hair style, pleaaaaase. That would be awesome.

  5. hello, I have a video on my channel featuring the cutestt twins on the internet, and I show 3 simple and quick hairstyles in 3 mins! would love for you and your subs to have a look. Just bobby pins and a hair tie is required <3

  6. How did you get your hair to look naturally curly in this tutorial??? 🙂

  7. I love your videos, they are full of great hairstyles and tips but could you do a video with tips and hairstyles for long thin and straight hair? I have a lot of struggle making my hair look as beautiful as yours. Because my hair is so thin he does not get any volume and all my braid look like they are stuck to my head in a not beautiful way. Could you help? Thank you 🙂

  8. Maybe a video on hairstyles that are good to dance in? It's hard to find cute do's that won't fly apart as soon as I hit the dance floor!

  9. Kayley can you do a video for people with really dark hair with brown black and other dark colors I really want it to pop out like if you agree

  10. I tried this but on me it looks more like warrior princess than anything else
    definetly not polished xD but still awesome in its own way
    idk if that is because I have very dark hair or if it is about my face
    cool hairstyle anyway

  11. I'm loving the multiple videos per week! I'm so glad you get to enjoy doing what you love more often ? and kudos to you for not letting the quality of your videos slip while uploading more often. You deserve so much more praise and followers for all the work you put into your videos. I also love love love how we get to see the hairstyles on curly hair as well! Way to up your YouTube game, Kayley ? such a queen! ?

  12. can you make a tutorial on Sansa Starks hair season 7??(like if you think so)

  13. Can you do a tutorial on how you got those curls pleaseee!!

  14. She looks like Merida from Brave

  15. Hey ,
    I wanna ask if I curling my hair it never last dou you've got tips
    (Sorry for my english if it is incorrect) x

  16. How do you get those curls?! Looks natural. Tutorial!

  17. such a cute and easy hairstyle! love it Kayley!

  18. The curly hair steps are also really great for coarse hair, regardless of the texture

  19. I love this hairstyle,it`s interesting and trendy.Could you please do a video about hairstyles with hair accessories,like a ribbon for example(since I know you like it :))?

  20. Can you do a video on leaving leaves around your face? For straight AND curls hair?

  21. Is your hair naturally curly? I want a tutorial on how to get waves like that ?

  22. Love that you're doing such different videos to everyone! I always learn something new whenever I watch them 🙂

  23. Please show how did you curl those hair!!

  24. Wow, such a concise but extremely useful video. Thanks Kayley, love ya.

  25. I love how you keep us curly haired girls in mind Kayley! Thank you ! It's really really difficult to find cool and fun hairstyles cfor curly hair on YT..

  26. Can you do a video on some hairstyles for short curly hair?

  27. Can you do a multi-strand braid tutorial, please???

  28. how can i make these curls (?) without having a wig?

  29. Even right after washing, my hair is WAYYYYYYY too knotty to do a knot in it. I can't even do a half up half down without having to take 2 hours to brush my hair in the shower.

  30. Kayley you are so beautiful! Loved this video!!!

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