Drab to Fab Transformation | Dolce Copper Nails


  1. Hi Tammy…I would really like to know what brand of e-file you use or highly recommend! My current drill is on its last leg (literally)..and I've been so conflicted on what to get. I'd really prefer a quality machine that's able to withstand proffessional use and have no vibration/heat and very little noise. I would really appreciate your help….I can't stand the thought of spending tons of $$ on a drill that can't/won't preform. Thanks in advance for your input…
    Blessings, Kellie ?

  2. I missed what shape these nails are probably because I was playing Fetch with the cat at 4 a.m.! 🙂 this is what I want done when I go have my nails redone next week.

  3. This white backgrund for a white nail isn't working :[

  4. What does flesh with the natural nail mean?

  5. Your knowledge and that of nailcareereducation…… PERFECTION

  6. Omg I love how you explain everything step by step your work is wonderful

  7. Were could i get the nail edger file

  8. Wish u could get closer with ur videos

  9. I miss these videos! They are so calming and inspiring. I feel like anything is possible with nails when she teaches.

    I'd just watch you doing the same things with your new product – please bring these back wcommentary

  10. Hi Tammy, they are so perfect ? love them!!❤️

  11. Excellent educational video. Always a pleasure watching your work.

  12. Love the information. I learn a lot. Thanks for sharing

  13. After how many fills should you do a new set if you have to

  14. love these long informative videos tammy

  15. I love when you upload a long video. So much information to soak up and it's so peaceful ?

  16. Super bellas y muy muy naturales , me encantaron cómo quedaron .
    Saludos desde Costa Rica ??

  17. Greeting from Portugal! Love your videos! You are really a teacher! 🙂


  19. I can I keep my nails from being absolutely ruined from acrylic nails?

  20. just love you tammy !! I'm so hoping to be able to attend school next year . !! thanks so much for all your videos , I have learned so much already !! blessings

  21. This is something I've looked for for years. Could you also do troubleshooting with natural nails, gel polish mistakes, etc.? Thanks!

  22. Tammy Taylor is the best. Her advice, is so very helpful, & her enthusiasm & experience is what sets her apart from everyone else.

  23. Tienen algún distribuidor en méxico D.F

  24. Great tutorial video! Cant wait for more like this maybe one on someone that has crooked nails or fingers. What brand of self tanner do you use? It's a great color

  25. These are my favorite style of videos. Great educational video!

  26. Very informative! Love your teaching style! Please more chit chat nail fixing!

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