Drag marble hearts and loose glitter placement – Valentine’s Day nail art


  1. And the marbeling begins

  2. I'm mad at this background music…I now have "Safety Dance" stuck in my head. Thanks a lot.

    BUT — on a relevant note, those nails are gorgeous 🙂

  3. Did she live in Russia at the time she was filming this

  4. I'm challenging myself to watch all her videos and it's killing me to watch thsed where she's not talking and these other words like "glossy tip coat" instead of "glossy taco"

  5. So where did all the Russian witchcraft go!??? You obviously got the skills girl

  6. hold up what was the russian magic she did

  7. I watched the ad before this and it said "HOLLAA" and I'm like "NO STOP THIS STOP THIS NONSENSE!!!" "It's holo."

  8. who's watching 2017-2018

  9. I got the hearts looking good on my 8th attempt…(on the nail wheel). Let's hope I can get this by Valentine's day on my actual nails! Wish me luck!

  10. Her ring finger looks like a pizza

  11. The ring finer looks like pizza

  12. I'm a child from the future and it's all pretty and then the pizza nail

  13. I love that sparkle holo red

  14. With each video, the nail polish porn gets more and more porny. Slooowly pull that brush out of the bottle.

  15. Once again a great nail tutorial!

  16. Does anyone realises that this is the background song track that DANTDM uses

  17. yay! only 77 more tutorials to watch and then i will have seen all her vids

  18. love how she made the hearts

  19. Whoa whoa WHOA. CRISTINE???!!! WTH that's like a perfect drag marble! U can free hand stuff very well!!!!

  20. Lol the accent nail looks like pepperoni pizza!!

  21. WHAT??!!!!!!!UR A RUSSIAN


  23. I thought this was Canada day nails

  24. ahhhhhh fetus cristine

  25. bro why you give me pepperoni pizza I ordered Hawaiian

  26. Is it just me or doses the polka dotted one look like pizza, now I'm hungry????

  27. omg youre old videos are adorable cx

  28. Omg brush porno is so beautiful and omg how??? Where you a Russian? Jk. But you did the Russian magical witchcraft

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