Dream Catcher Nail Tutorial


  1. what kind of acrylic are you using?

  2. I'm In love with the dreamcatcher nail it's m6 favorite colors and all

  3. +The Nails Queen You are so creative. Where did you get those wonderful ideas to paint your nails? So beautiful

  4. Ok after my long comment of praise I forgot my question! Lol. When doing nail art, is there a reason why you encapsulate with acrylic rather than just top coating? I've seen it done both ways and wondered why you think this is the best way!! Thank you in advance for your advice and keep up the awesome videos! ???

  5. I've been searching for a good dream catcher tutorial! Yay my prayers have been answered!!! You're my hero and truly are the Nail Queen! I loveeeee your videos because you EXPLAIN everything!!!! I CANT with tutorials that either have zero voice over OR have it all written on the screen sporadically throughout the tutorial. It doesn't help me learn just to WATCH! I think most of us, I know me for sure, want to know HOW AND WHY you do the things you do. Makes everything sooooo much clearer and easier to follow along. So thank you! This tutorial was just what I was looking for! I've watched ALL your videos and can honestly say they're my fav along with Kirsty Meaken at Naio nails. You guys are my nail tech life goals! Also thank you for always saying things like "if you didn't get it this time, it's ok. Try again. It takes practice"! It's really encouraging and helpful!! TFS this wonderful art with us! ???✨

  6. your work is so perfect. can you show us what's the products on your shelf's in the back.

  7. usas tips ? o las haces con los moldes ?

  8. hello, what you used for encapsulation nails after all?

  9. too bad your not here in the bay area I would be a regular customer love the designs

  10. I enjoy watching videos such beautiful designs.

  11. any reason why you soak each set off and not refill?

    love your work

  12. Can you do a tutorial on the natural beige nails you are wearing In this video ? They are gorgeous! ?❤️

  13. Hi please could you tell me were to buy your kolinsky size 14 brush ,thanks

  14. Beautiful work. I am a beginner and I would like to know what products are you using?

  15. I learned something new from your video! Thank you so much! Where do you get your crystals as well as what kind of drill are you using? Thank you!

  16. Por favor no dejes de subir videos me encanta tu trabajo

  17. what kind of nail art brush you use and what size is your acrylic brush?

  18. this is soo freaking beautiful! can you do a video of how do you prep and apply your tips!

  19. Please have a class in Dallas, TX ???

  20. gorgeous design! love the soft colors you chose as well!

  21. so beautiful camila!! I love ur technique so clean and perfect?

  22. Jätte vackra! = Very beautiful! 🙂
    Where can i find the same big acrylic brush like you'rs who ship to Sweden? Do you sell them? Hugs from Sweden.

  23. i would love to see an edge nail or your take on a wedding design! i look forward to seeing new videos 😀 ?

  24. such a beautiful design ?? I have a question, I don't know if it's obvious but I'm a begginer. how do u apply the loose glitter? do you use the monomer to do that?

  25. Beautiful design! Love your work!

  26. Thanks for your quick reply, it all makes sense lol x

  27. Super cute design!! Can you do a tutorial on how u do the cut out of a heart in the center of the nail? Thanks!!

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