Drugstore/Affordable Fall Makeup Tutorial | Jaclyn Hill

In this video I’m going to do a full face makeup tutorial using affordable fall makeup!

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  1. One of my favorite looks love you so much ur so dam bomb

  2. Cant take you seriously if every product is the "best drug store…"

  3. my concealer always burns when I apply it after foundation. I think it’s because I have really sensitive skin. But my skin don’t turns red or become pimples so it’s kinda like a routine when it starts to burn.

  4. If you want the BEST drugstore face spray, use the Pixi Makeup Face Mist with rose water and green tea. you'll be obsessed

  5. You inspire my make up journey. So much. Im so grateful I found your video. It was no make up rountine to I have so so many pallets and cover ups and I have a finish spray and I’ll put transclent powder on my eyelashes and multiple mascara colours.

  6. You are a very beautiful woman. You don't need to wear all that make up. You are a natural beauty like so many other YouTubers.

  7. I had a really bad reaction to the tarte park ave bronzer. I was so sad.

  8. I bought that first concealer you tried and it did the same exact thing too me. I had to throw it away because it was causing my eyes turn burn and water and turn red and it made the skin under my eyes so sore.

  9. I had always like you been following for 4 years

  10. My undereyes burn with concealers too.

  11. Literally every concealer I've ever tried has done that to me, even high end products. Any ideas ladies? I've got SUPER dark circles-HELLLLP!!! ?

  12. Maybelline fit me concealer made me feel like I got hot sauce in my eye.

  13. KVD Sanctuary is my all time favorite lipstick shade ???

  14. You are hilarious! Just discovered who Jaclyn Hill is..Great review!

  15. …As I Get Ready- OW CRAP, MY UNDEREYE REALLY HURTS! ? 6:00

  16. Literally any L’Oreal concealer or mascara I’ve tried burns my eyes too! ? Idk wtf they do to them or what I’m allergic to in them. It’s crazy

  17. Trying to reach 100 subscribers! Any YouTubers want to help each other out? ☺️

  18. I tried to follow a Jaclyn Hill tutorial here:

  19. I've seen a lot of people have the same problem with the concealer

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