Drugstore Back To School Makeup ♡


  1. Great tutorial! 🙂 I have medium skin tone and I was wondering if I could use the MUA translucent powder on my skin?

  2. It's for real natural looking makeup! First I've seen.
    Your very beautiful btw

  3. Girly please start putting the products in description ??

  4. this is the most natural makeup i've ever seen. i love it!

  5. I do not know I watch a lot of videos I do not know how to use the shadow …. but the way I want to please the eye to enlarge

  6. When she put on the foundation I was like what her skin looks as flawless as the beginning of the tutorial?

  7. Your face bone structure and skin are flawless.

  8. Your skin is so nice without foundation you don't need it at all! I'm so jealous x

  9. Hey! Just a suggestion- maybe you could do a video on how to clean your brushes? I personally use my own face wash (body shop cleansing milk) because I know that my skin won't react to it…it's gentle and seems to remove a lot of the product from the brushes. Any tips would be awesome! Thanks so much x

  10. I think you are the most beautiful youtuber without makeup on, you look awesome without makeup and with makeup too, its a perfect makeup, natural but beautiful. Love love love from France xx

  11. You really look like damla Sönmez

  12. could you name the shades of the makeup please 🙂

  13. Seventeen is a boots own brand btw x

  14. Please will u do a skin care routine video? Your skin is so clear and beautiful I'm so jelly aha x

  15. I can tell it was from the drugstore ?

  16. I wish I was as good at makeup as you!

  17. loving your videos ??? more power

  18. Your makeup is so unique compared to what other beauty gurus usually do! I subscribed 🙂

  19. I've never heard of MUA before, definitely trying that out

  20. stubby? why do you wear foundation????

  21. Your so gorgeous and your skin looks flawless without makeup

  22. although its too dramatic for school it is a really nice look and a great tutorial

  23. Your skin is flawless without foundation or concealer!! I'm jealous ?

  24. What highlighter did you use?)

  25. could you write a list of all make up used?

  26. lol if u think this excessive u should the glamour in Arab schools

  27. your skin is really flawless do you have a skin care routine?
    BTW you're beautiful

  28. Why does she wear makeup she doesn't need it..

  29. Does any know good websites or places where u can get background music for yt videos…

  30. I'm going to try this for sure!!

  31. You look gorgeous ! Love this makeup look, I like the fact that it's still quite light on the face, and it doesn't look dramatic to me at all <3

  32. wow your skin is flawless genuinely thought you had foundation already on

  33. In fact you're beautiful without make-up. you not only your face, even your hair I love you and I wish you lasting progress but by seeing the clips I realized you are spontaneous and innocent your face is what made me love you so not only are you pretty good manners I love you very very much.. thank you

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