Drugstore Makeup Tutorial

I created a summer drugstore makeup tutorial that is so easy your grandma can do it! It’s literally the most universal beautiful look for anyone at any age or skin tone. its fun, flirty and girly everything we need for the summer time. Leave me a sun emoji in the comments if you love it! i’ll be watching out for ya ; D

Makeup Details

I want to also say that I’m happy to have you apart of my family, you guys make me so happy! You encourage me everyday to do me and keep doing what I love, no matter how weird I am! Weird is a compliment. If no one has told you today, I want you to know that you’re beautiful and there is no one like you! You are so special to me and I love you with all my highlight and contour!


  1. Hi, you’re the best !!!! ?? l have oily skin , what’s the best primer that I could use for all day??

  2. Just found your channel and ?!!! I would love a brow tutorial and also I struggle with trying to make my deep set eyes not look…so hooded or sunken

  3. What filter are you all complaining about ? watched the whole video with no trouble….

  4. My skin color is fair……and yours is medium

  5. I think she just has a really good camera

  6. Yes please do u brow tutorial!! ????

  7. I'm 45 years old and I have always done just the foundation and the blush and eyeshadow. If it wasn't for you and your tutorials I wouldn't have learned how to blend the eyeshadows the contouring you do it so much more in detail than anyone else thank you you're awesome

  8. one of my favorite looks, I love u christen!

  9. Still binge watching your vids girl ?❤️

  10. omg luv ur channel so much and ur so talented luv uuu

  11. Hi Christen, I a new to your channel. I don't wear make but would like to can you please do a beginners tutorial. a natural look one. love watching your videos.


  13. I love this look! You are so beautiful and thank you for the drugstore recommendations!

  14. Can you do a tutorial about your hair I want to try the whole look

  15. please do an eyebrow tutorial

  16. I love watching your videos! You have always helped me when it come to trying to recreate your make up your inspiring ??

  17. Can you do a Brow tutorial please?

  18. Love you so much! Please do an eyebrow tutorial!!

  19. It is the second time you helped me 🙂 very usefull thank you!!!

  20. She's lucky to think that that is a huge breakout

  21. i love everything you do? you're just amazing. don't ever stop making videos!!! we'll all be lost without you

  22. I would love to see your brow tutorial! So pretty!

  23. Do an eyebrow tutorial!!! Please I need to fix up my eyebrows and upgrade them! ❤️ love you

  24. some people can fall asleep in makeup & have no issues, when i was in my early 20s I did it all the time staying out late or at my boyfrd's w/out my face products but if I do it now, just 1x…bam, like u said…it's not the next day cause it takes a few days 4 pores 2 clog but the next week, yikes

  25. love this video, and your brows , oh my! I must see how you do that!

  26. I always saw her in my feed and I finally clicked it and wow…. I love her so much!!! Super beautiful and great personality ?✨

  27. Can you please do more drugstore makeup tutorials!!??on a budget ☺️… thanks ??much love ?

  28. I would definitely love to see a brow tutorial using the Wet n Wild Kit!!!

  29. pleaseeee put in the description what brushes you use??x

  30. Almost all of the comments are hate like why…?

  31. How do you choose the right shade of foundation & concealer??

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