Drugstore Vs Salon Hair Product Dupes

Today I’m pitting drugstore vs salon hair products and showing you some dupes to save money!

Don’t get me wrong, I love high end and salon hairstyling products as much as anyone, but I know we all have budgets and sometimes less expensive items are better. Let’s talk about some drugstore products that are seriously worth the hype!

★What I Used:★

  • Moroccanoil Treatment Light – Here
  • Kardashian Beauty Blow Dry Cream – Here
  • Osis Dust It Volumizing Powder – Here
  • Schwarzkopf Styliste Ultime Biotin + Volume & Texture Magic Volume Powder – Here
  • Paul Mitchell Hot Off The Press Heat Spray – Here
  • Schwarzkopf Styliste Ultime Crystal Shine and Hold Heat Protection Spray – Here
  • Moroccanoil Root Boost – Here
  • Kardashian Beauty K Body Volume Foam – Here
  • BigSexyHair Get Layered Hairspray – Here
  • Schwarzkopf Styliste Ultime Biotin + Volume H20 Free Hairspray – Here


  1. I'm so happy you posted this. I googled hairspray dupes and your video popped up first. I could have tried the keywords expensive brands for less or drugstore hairspray like salon brands but they would have yielded me sales or drugstore websites. Something about the word "dupe" makes it clear that I want my Big Sexy Hair products on a nursing student budget. So helpful!!

  2. Can you do a dupe to the Oribe Signature Shampoo and Conditioner and The Oribe Rock Hard Gel? These products are so expensive.

  3. Hi, Thanks for the video great information. Beautiful dog what breed is it?

  4. loved the dupe list most of the dupes & products itself cost a bomb in india . do have more alternatives ?

  5. what is similar to the Moroccan hairspray?

  6. Hi Kayley, I search your videos to find one you talk about best hair tools such as hair dryer or hair roller but couldn't find any, can you please send me the link or suggest a good brand. thanks for your time

  7. where do we store hair mousse ?

  8. I swear by hot off the press and I love the fact that it's an aerosol but I'm intrigued by the dupe you showed so I will definitely be checking it out. Great video!! 🙂

  9. Wow!! Outstanding video!! So informative and I love how you explained the similarities / differences and what each product does along with how you use them! Hair products are so confusing to me and it's overwhelming and expensive to try and find the product that works best for my hair. Great job!! New subscriber here!!

  10. thank you so much for making this video!! great information… loved itt…

  11. Sorry but I think Shea Moisture Oils would be a better dupe for the Morrocan Oil than that blow dry cream

  12. Please do an updated version of this and hair product review videos!!!

  13. If my hair gets wet and it's shampooed or anything my hair gets greasy and my hairspray has water in it could it cause my hair to get greasy because I've been straightening my hair and like 10 minutes after I put in my hairspray my hair gets all greasy

  14. That's exactly how my puppy is: wake up from nap, "play!", "ok, I'll snuggle instead". Thanks for the dupes!

  15. Pippin is freakin adorable! He looks like he has white eyeliner on! <3

  16. Have you ever tried one of the Mason Pearson Bristle & Nylon brush? If the answer is yes what do you think of it? I'm hesitating to buy one because I've read that it will make by some people their hair static and mine hair is very fast static.

  17. Hey Kayley, do you have any good anti-frizz drugstore products, because I have naturally curly/really wavy hair, and when I brush it, it gets SUPER frizzy, which is really annoying. If you know any good products, I'd really appreciate it!

  18. K so, I'm a dancer and I have to hairspray my hair A LOT and i mean a lot. So i have damaged my hair a lot and i was wondering if there are any tips and stuff like that that could help?

  19. What wand curler do you prefer for on a budget? For would you prefer a clamp curler more than a wand?

  20. Could you please let me know what's the difference between the Paul Mitchell Spray, Moroccanoil and the BigSexyHair ?
    I would like to purchase one good hair spray (:

  21. my mom is a hairdresser and my hair always looks on point
    thanks mom

  22. Loved this video!! I also have fine hair that has problems with holding a curl, so I'm super excited to try these products out. Where can I find schwarzkopf products?

  23. I bought a can of the Schwarzkopf hair spray in the purple can. It works ok but the scent is overpowering. I don't see how you could wear a perfume other type of scent with this. If I were sitting next to someone with this on their hair, like an airplane, I would have to move. It's not a bad scent, not at all. It's just in your face, loud, too much of a good thing.

  24. Anything beyond shampoo, conditioner, coconut oil, and hairspray I have no clue how to or when to use. <–pathetic, I know LOL

  25. I wish you gave the prices :/

  26. Where do you find your Schwarzkopf products? When I studied abroad in Poland I fell completely in love with their stuff, but wasn't able to find it when I got back to the States. It popped up here a few years back, but I can never find their products that you use in your videos. :

  27. Hi, I love your vids, I watch you from Costa Rica.
    If you have to recomend just one product for dry hair, what would you recomend on a low budget, I have curly hair.

  28. I like that you show so many Schwartzkopf products. I will be able to get them in Germany 😉

  29. These were excellent recommendations! I will have to check out that lower end Schwarzkopf line!

  30. Hey +Kaylee Melissa, with winter quickly rolling in, what do you suggest for that extra static in hair this time of year?

  31. Hey Kayley (and any commenters!). I recently had my hair streaked blonde so my hair dresser told me to use a purple toning shampoo. The one I bought gave me a huge allergic reaction (I have really sensitive skin). So I was wondering if you knew of a brand that I could use that wont affect my skin? Thanks!

  32. This is so helpful! Thank you 🙂

  33. Awesome video! This is so helpful for girls on a budget!! You rock.

  34. Got to check these out! Thanks for the tips girl xo

  35. love dupes, and I looove Pippin! 🙂

  36. Thanks for the tips that totally makes sense about the water making my hair frizz you are amazing! ?

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