Dual Forms vs Sculpted Acrylic Nails

Suzie demonstrates the differences between building Acrylic Nails with Dual Forms versus Hand Sculpting, in this detailed step by step tutorial.

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  1. When I decide to use  pop its, I will probably use an extreme gel. My husband can't breath, so I have to sculpt with gel. The monomer is strong smelling. I loved the video and love to try all new things out. It is a wait and see sort of thing. Suzie I like the sculpted better than the pop it. Someday I want to be as good at nails as you are. Question, "Have you ever made an aquarium nail?" A video would be fun if you have done the aquarium nail.

  2. We get it, Suzy doesn’t like the pop it’s. I like using them and found I can file the pop it so it fits my nail bed perfectly. Secondly, if I am doing a full new nail, I put the paper form on the bottom and the pop it on top. And, yes, I can use the pop it’s for a fill and they work beautifully. Where I live, we have the crappiest nail techs on the planet, so I have had to learn to do my nails myself. I do not ever have the ledge that she keeps going on about.

  3. Put the paper form on AS WELL as the dual form , then you fix the underneath problem…… Shazaam!

  4. Suzie, i honestly feel like if you are going to do a video based on the pros and cons of duel forms, you should actually know how to use them. There is a way to do it and not get the ledge. Youre not suppose to push it all the way down. Its hard to get the full pros and cons feel of it when you know how to do one thing way more than the other. Id reccomend looking at videos of how to use duel forms and practice, because you dont use them correctly and thats why youre having those troubles.

  5. For the folks commenting that Suzie needs to watch someone else, that she should listen to your unlicensed and non pro advice, or that she doesn't know what she's doing: just stop.

    Rewatch the video and actually listen. She's using the pop it the way someone who's inexperienced and unlicensed would use it.

    She's a pro and could make the pop it into a perfect nail if she wanted to. She's not ignorant about how to use them. They've been around since before most of you were born. They are a fad that pops up from time to time. They're garbage and no real nail pro would use them.

  6. Can you use both forms on one nail?

  7. Is it possible to put a paper form on like normal, and then use the duel form on the top of the nail? Would that solve the problem of the bulk and shape on the underside of the nail while giving the wonderful finish on both top and underside? And is it possible to shape the cuticle side of the duel form to fit your own nail shape?

  8. I wish I could send you a picture! My two year old ( almost three) was playing "Miss Susie" today! She had a wood piece in the shape of an arch, that she used as a "UV light", to "cure" her nails. Tee hee.

  9. you should try to follow a simply naillogical tutorial

  10. I saw a youtuber use a regular form, put the acrylic in the popit form then on the nail/reg form so it's smooth on the top and bottom.

  11. Why is everyone so gung ho about how Suzie should like the dual forms/pop its. If she doesn't like it after trying it several times (and you don't know how many times she's tried off camera), then she doesn't like it. Chill out, geez. She prefers her tried and true method. If you like pop-its so much – go get them done yourself.

  12. i've noticed in this video when you put the dual form on you're not putting it up high enough then rock down from the high angle. and you can also put your regular sculpting forms and first then put The duel form on top it makes it nice smooth finish underneath the free edge

  13. I think Suzie is a little bias. She makes her living by doing nails. If she says she likes the dual forms, then there will be more people doing their own nails with the forms and not going in to get them done at a nail salon. Naturally, she's going to put down the dual forms. A way to get a smooth underside with the dual forms is to put the free forms on your fingers….that's the only reason she's able to get a smooth underside with the "hand sculpting" nails. I have never used dual forms, it's just by observation.

  14. what's the difference between dual forms and poly gel?

  15. Suzie, what brand of brush did you use for the acrylic on in this video?

  16. I'm not a professional, have not had any training but l have watched a lot of videos (All of Suzies) l have learnt so much, and l love dual forms, one tip I'd like to pass on is that if the form is too square at the cuticle, l trim it slightly to fit, it works brilliantly and my nails are amazing.
    Thank you for all your wonderful videos Suzie xxxxxxxxxxx

  17. It'd be interesting to see a newbie try both and see how they feel about it.

  18. What if you put a dual form on with a paper form to fix the underside?

  19. hey i like watching your videos .. i was just wondering if you can send me some items to practice from?

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