Earth Day Nails

This nail tutorial will help show your love for our beautiful planet.

Please remember to take care of it, not just on Earth Day, but everyday!


  1. love these for earth day!

  2. this is her least popular video at the moment

  3. Or you can make a black dot then let it dry then put a smaller blue dot to make it look like a perfect outline

  4. This vid is not fake all you idiotic turds! Stop saying it like you know everything too!

  5. Don't touch your nails when they are wet.

  6. What do you do that your nailpolish dries without smudging?

  7. thumbs up if your watching this in 2013

  8. Cutepolish, can you make a vid response of your first vid?? (plz)

  9. Oh…well this is happy birthday nails then. 🙂

  10. They do if you use a stippling motion.

  11. thumbs up if you are watching this in 2013!!!!

  12. Because ANZAC day is coming up

  13. EWW……you were such a newbie!!! but youre still amazing at nail art!!!

  14. i wonder how cutepolish sounds when shes mad…

  15. how is it fake? idiots you guys not just not talented.they always work for me!

  16. Lol, Not if you're talented!

  17. hey i dnt hav this type of blue mine ones are a bit darker will it work

  18. If you are calling this fake HTH? (Heck) she is meaning to show U how to do this

  19. i watched it! just to let you know, the video is fake and is just showing us how to make a nail look like that

  20. my birthday is earth day 🙂

  21. @Waraka520 I watched tht video. It's fake, it's just a tutorial on how to get a fake ripped nail for a prank or something!

  22. Can someone please tell me who her friend was with the texas accent?

  23. thumb: I
    pointer: heart<3
    middle:earth o
    ring: sun *
    pinky: exclamation point !

  24. I dont think this was your best tutorial. Sorry:(

  25. like this if you watched the ad in the beginning

  26. this has to be her longest video.

  27. if i do this, on the pinky and thumb, i am going to do blue nails with a thin green line on the inside edge with a striper!

  28. @Darcie10399 I SOOOOO Agree!!!!!:) Itz Not Lyk Shesz Gonna Paint Her Face!!!

  29. It's earth day in Australia 2day 🙂

  30. i love using sinful colors nail polish

  31. Your videos are really relaxing 🙂 lol

  32. @cutepolish I just did it looks wonderful! Contiune on making great ideas, u r very creative!

  33. it doesn't say dislike, its just a thumbs down

  34. Earth day is my birthday!!

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