Easiest Galaxy Nails

Galaxy nail art is one of the simplest nail art designs to create, however, it looks very intricate and realistic! Keep watching and I’ll show you the easiest way to create this galactic nail art design!

An easy, galaxy nail art design. Love space? Give this one a try!


  1. I'm still practicing how to do my nails perfectly so the nail polish won't reach my cuticles

  2. I want to do this to my nails and I'm a guy.

  3. what????:-) Love your videos!!!:-)<3

  4. I wish there's Formula X in my country though

  5. Love your account cutepolish

  6. Wow, I should try that!

  7. were can u get the sponges someone reply

  8. dont do this bullshit i have tryed every tutorial and trust me its not easy your better off going to a salon….?

  9. Cute polish can you please check out my nail account on Instagram it's called nailztrendy ?

  10. One of my favorites on this channel?

  11. The tutorial was good, but I actually did not like the design. It looked to cheap to me.

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